Weird Soccer Rules

We all know that rules are important in all we do. Be it when we play online casino games or in the soccer field, rules are rules and they have to be followed. However, there are some rules that have so many shocked and even second guessing the validity of those rules. These are what we call weird rules. There are also those that are so sweet when they are in your favor but they taste so bitter when they are against you. Anyways, today, we will look at some weird soccer rules.

Strange But True Soccer Rules

You Can Be Sent Off the Field Before Gameplay

Sounds odd, we know, but it is very much possible. Players can be sent off the field even before the game starts. The reason for this is usually verbal and physical, abuse. If you say something nasty in the locker rooms before the match in the pre-match warm up the official can decide to kick you off the match before the game starts. 

One Touch For the Penalty Shot

If a player kicks a penalty and the ball hits the post and does not touch another player, the player who kicked the ball can not finish the penalty. If by chance that player does choose to finish off the ball, a free kick will be awarded against him.

No Throw-In Goals

Another of those odd abut true soccer rules is that a goal cannot be scored directly from throw in. That means after a throw in, the ball must be played before you decide to take a shot at the goalie.

A Game Cannot Start If the Corner Flags Are Not In Place

If there are no corner flags in place, the soccer game will not start. It is rather odd how these these flags can hold hostage an entire soccer match if they are not there.

By Zlata