An English Manager has remarkably never guided his team to a first place finish in the Premier League. Are we likely to see that change any time soon? I personally doubt it. As we speak, the division has eight English managers. Apart from Dean Smith at Aston Villa in ninth, the rest are all in the bottom half. In fact, the bottom six all have English managers.

Foreigners are Safer

Granted, no Englishman is currently at a team expected to be fighting for glory but let’s not forget the job Frank Lampard did. After an impressive first campaign at Stamford Bridge, the club rewarded him with the signings needed to push on. Despite bringing in Thiago Silva, Chilwell, Havertz, Ziyech and Werner, he failed miserably. Since Tuchel signed with the Blues, the difference has been clear for all to see. Emphasizing my point, that a foreign manager is the safer bet and one most tipsters recommended in their premier league tips.

Sean Dyche – The Best Left?

To be a manager of a team fighting for glory, it needs to be earned on merit. I fail to see any candidates that deserve that opportunity. Sean Dyche has definitely proven himself over the years and should be given the chance at a more prestigious and ambitious club than Burnley but I think the next step should be a team of Everton’s level.

English Mentality Too Defensive?

For me, there is a noticeable difference in the approach to the game between foreign and English managers. It’s clear to see, that the sides managed by an Englishman lack the freedom and attacking intent needed to get wins consistently. Instead adopting a survival mentality, which will never reap long term success.

In the past, Watford were criticised for their ruthlessness. They were forever switching managers. Often these men had no experience in the country or could even speak the language. It went against what people were used to seeing, but this untraditional approach kept them in the division. When they finally hired an Englishman, they were relegated.

Foreign Managers Give More Hope

Ultimately, if I was supporting a newly promoted team or one that is expected to be fighting for safety, I’d rather a foreign manager. I think it’d ensure a better chance of progressing beyond expectations and be much more entertaining to watch. This approach doesn’t come without it’s risks and downsides though. As an example, I’ll use Ralph Hassenhuttl. Since he’s joined Southampton, the club have twice suffered 9-0 defeats. Fans will be able to stomach those humbling defeats if he again manages to guide the Saints to safety though.

Going forward, I can’t see clubs continuing to hire the likes of Sam Allardyce. No longer can a manager afford to be stubborn. Without a plan B and unable to progress with how the game is. For this reason, I foresee the number of English managers in the division decreasing over the next few years.

By Zlata