The English Gaffer – A Dying Breed?

An English Manager has remarkably never guided his team to a first place finish in the Premier League. Are we likely to see that change any time soon? I personally doubt it.

As we speak, the division has eight English managers. Apart from Dean Smith at Aston Villa in ninth, the rest are all in the bottom half. In fact, the bottom six all have English managers.

Foreigners are Safer

Granted, no Englishman is currently at a team expected to be fighting for glory but let’s not forget the job Frank Lampard did. After an impressive first campaign at Stamford Bridge, the club rewarded him with the signings needed to push on. Despite bringing in Thiago Silva, Chilwell, Havertz, Ziyech and Werner, he failed miserably. Since Tuchel signed with the Blues, the difference has been clear for all to see. Emphasizing my point, that a foreign manager is the safer bet and one most tipsters recommended in their premier league tips.

Sean Dyche – The Best Left?

To be a manager of a team fighting for glory, it needs to be earned on merit. I fail to see any candidates that deserve that opportunity. Sean Dyche has definitely proven himself over the years and should be given the chance at a more prestigious and ambitious club than Burnley but I think the next step should be a team of Everton’s level. [Read more…]


Why Poker may become an Olympic Sport

Events rising to become an Olympic Sport is small achievement since the authorities need to be convinced that the activity is skill-based. The Olympic organisation holds a lot of credibility and only the best of the best will appear. The GAISF committee are the people who make this decision and take this into account and it is one of their primary objectives that they look to be fulfilled. If you ask the experts in poker, they will tell you that it is at least partially skill based. Even if a bad hand is received then the behaviours around this can still determine if you win or lose. There is a lot of variation in poker and the cards the players are completely random making the outcome somewhat interesting, unlike other activities such as bingo games where the outcomes are purely random.

Other Contenders

There are a number of other sports at the moment who are determined to become Olympic sports and have been having this battle for some time. Some of these include arm-wrestling, foosball and dodgeball. All these sports (along with poker) have been given the status of “observer” by GAISF which the first step in this journey is, potentially. The GAISF are responsible for making these decisions and introducing some new sports to the Olympics (or recommending that others are disbanded). [Read more…]


The Complicated World of Tennis and Motherhood

Playing online casino tennis slots is not as complicated or as hard as the actual gaming process. Therefore, we always have respect for the different tennis players that can play the role of a mum and balance their careers as well. According to a tennis article by rivernilecasino casino online, it is always hard to get fit again and be ready for the next tournament after giving birth. So this article is going to be giving insight on the lives of the different female tennis players who are still thriving even after giving birth.

You will Need a Bigger Workforce

Serena Williams is now working with an even bigger entourage to help her keep the balance. There is so much more to training and trying to cater to the needs of your little one. And for those that are hands on about their kids, it means that the attention is divided. You cannot be found neglecting your child and at the same time you need all the time you can get. [Read more…]


The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time

The game of tennis found its way to the courts many years back and many players have been gracing the game. We have witnessed some greatest moments in the game. But it’s not a lie that most of the greatest games in tennis come from 2007 onwards.

These matches provided some greatest moments that came with unique displays. At the same time, we managed to witness some of the best displays being showcased to their highest calibre.

Some of these greatest matches witnessed a lot of record being broken along with dynasties being crushed.

Stanislas Wawrink vs. Novak Djokovic

Modern tennis has witnessed a lot of talents that have been a marvel to watch. A very good indication is the Rolland Garros final match in 2015. This match between Stanislas and Novak is still fresh in our minds. The 2015 Roland Garros didn’t witness the usual faces of Clay or Rafael. Instead it was the aforementioned players that went on and played against each other. No wonder there are real money casino slots based on them. [Read more…]


Getting the best bookmaker’s offers

When first getting into gambling, bookmaker’s offers all seem very tempting. Although promotions are run for existing customers, the best type of offer tends to be the welcome offer.

These can take the form of risk free bets, free bets to triple the value of your first deposit, cash bonuses, free spins and many others as well. Welcome offers are almost always worth it because they have to be better than their rivals’ and the competitivity is beneficial to the customer, and you’ll often find bookmakers offers at and other similar comparison sites.

Even after choosing your first welcome offer, you can still complete all the others afterwards, depositing just enough for the welcome bonus and withdrawing any winnings afterwards. Some people make a living by flipping welcome offers in this manner although it is illegal.

Terms and conditions

The first thing you absolutely need to check are the terms and conditions because this can transform a profitable looking offer to a blacklisted one.

Wagering requirements is the phrase to look out for. Sometimes, cash bonuses that are awarded to you have wagering requirements that are sometimes reasonable and sometimes ridiculous. You will need to evaluate this depending on the offer but in general rules, x50 and above is unreasonable and x25 and below is good value.

Also, look out for the requirements on you to unlock the bonus offer. Now and then, a normal single bet will do to fulfil the requirements but you need to watch out for the offers that require you to bet doubles with over even odds if this is something you are not willing to do.  [Read more…]


Weird Soccer Rules

We all know that rules are important in all we do. Be it when we play online casino games (visit online casino like bestusaonlinecasinos to learn about the rules) or in the soccer field, rules are rules and they have to be followed. However, there are some rules that have so many shocked and even second guessing the validity of those rules. These are what we call weird rules. There are also those that are so sweet when they are in your favor but they taste so bitter when they are against you. Anyways, today, we will look at some weird soccer rules.

Strange But True Soccer Rules

You Can Be Sent Off the Field Before Gameplay

Sounds odd, we know, but it is very much possible. Players can be sent off the field even before the game starts. The reason for this is usually verbal and physical, abuse. If you say something nasty in the locker rooms before the match in the pre-match warm up the official can decide to kick you off the match before the game starts.  [Read more…]


NFL Starts and Here’s how Winnings are taxed at Sports Betting

We all know how much you treasure online casino gambling but if you are versatile, then you will be part of the estimated 38 million adults expected to place their bets on NFL games this season. That means you must know which team and player to place your bets on.

There are quite a number of games that have been played. With the opening game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears showcased some interesting odds at many betting houses. The new season of the NFL has enabled quite a number of states to legalise sports betting. Therefore, what it simply means is that most of your wins will be subjected to taxation. The transaction will take place before it even reaches you and the tax depends on how big your win is.

If you are one of those players who play and win money through unregulated channels, you are then expected to pay fees up to the IRS at tax time. [Read more…]