Tag teams give us a more refreshing and thrilling side to wrestling. Online sports bettors can easily get to cash out from Tag Team Tournaments. The Tag Team Championship belt has been there since the 1950s and has been evolving ever since. A lot of teams have emerged over time bringing together some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. But, these are our favourite teams of all time.

The Kabuki Warriors

Even though they won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship once, they are still one of the best. According to a betting odds blog by https://www.bestaustraliancasinosites.com/, Asuka and Kairi Sane are among the biggest female wrestlers right now. Therefore, it is only expected that they become a powerful and impressive duo. And, the fact that they managed to defend their title for over 180 days is astounding. And, Asuka’s wrestling career has been doing well since the win as well.

Randy Orton and Edge

Also known as the rated RKO, this duo can give you one of the most explosive matches once they enter the ring. This is why they have tagged up for a number of times.  The two first teamed up from 2006 to 2007. Then, they also gave it another go in 2008 and 2011. However, the two seem to have a bittersweet relationship. Edge and Orton ended up getting into a feud that led to them fighting it in the ring in the 2020 Wrestle Mania 36 Last Man Standing match. But still, seeing these two legends in the ring is quite a thrill just like some online casinos real money games.

The Hardy Boyz

Jeff and Matt Hardy have brought about so many epic changes to the wrestling industry. For example, their following made the TLC match popular. Also, the duo brought about the Casino Ladder and the MITB match in AEW. Together, they won the different tag team belts 9 times and were adorned with some of the most sanctioned belts in the WWE.

By Zlata