When first getting into gambling, bookmaker’s offers all seem very tempting. Although promotions are run for existing customers, the best type of offer tends to be the welcome offer.

These can take the form of risk free bets, free bets to triple the value of your first deposit, cash bonuses, free spins and many others as well. Welcome offers are almost always worth it because they have to be better than their rivals’ and the competitivity is beneficial to the customer, and you’ll often find bookmakers offers at findbettingsites.co.uk and other similar comparison sites.

Even after choosing your first welcome offer, you can still complete all the others afterwards, depositing just enough for the welcome bonus and withdrawing any winnings afterwards. Some people make a living by flipping welcome offers in this manner although it is illegal.

Terms and conditions

The first thing you absolutely need to check are the terms and conditions because this can transform a profitable looking offer to a blacklisted one.

Wagering requirements is the phrase to look out for. Sometimes, cash bonuses that are awarded to you have wagering requirements that are sometimes reasonable and sometimes ridiculous. You will need to evaluate this depending on the offer but in general rules, x50 and above is unreasonable and x25 and below is good value.

Also, look out for the requirements on you to unlock the bonus offer. Now and then, a normal single bet will do to fulfil the requirements but you need to watch out for the offers that require you to bet doubles with over even odds if this is something you are not willing to do. 

Comparing reviews

Comparing reviews should be one your instinct when considering any financial decision, and what bookmakers’ offers to take advantage of is no exception. Go to websites that review gambling sites and read as many reviews as you can and build a balanced opinion of the offers.

Make sure to not only read professional reviews. User reviews are certainly more subjective however thay can provide valuable insight into how a company truly treats their customers.

What you are trying to avoid is any confusion as to what you are receiving from the offer. Going through the terms and conditions and comparing various reviews should leave you with a clear outline of what the offer is without any potential bad surprises in store in the fine print of the offer.

Following Up

Once you have completed a certain number of welcome offers, a good way to maximise your profit is to keep an eye on all the offers and promotions that are open to existing customers.

Cash can be left in your account after a certain period of time without a deposit to encourage you to come back to the site, and some offers are always worth doing.

Risk free bets are common in some companies like Paddy Power, and these are always worth doing. Free bets are worth it depending on how much you must stake. Any free bet that is worth more than what you bet is always profitable, and judge for yourself which others you think are worth doing.

By Zlata