Top 5 Frontrunners for the MVP Award (NBA)

Last season (2011-2012), LeBron James was head and shoulders above every NBA (National Basketball Association) player for the Maurice Podoloff Trophy. There’s no denying that King James is the best player in the planet.

As Charles Barkley mentioned in a recent Heat VS Spurs match-up, LeBron James is just “on another planet”. Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, a healthy Derrick Rose; those guys are good, but without a doubt, LeBron James is still the best player in the league.

Although LeBron is the best player in the planet, he’s still not a shoe-in for the Most Valuable Player award in the NBA. The MVP award isn’t only given to the player with the best stats. There are other factors being considered when the media votes for the MVP.

But for now, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Frontrunners for the MVP award this season (2012-2013).

#5: Zach Randolph

When a team has the best record in the league, someone from that squad deserves to be in the MVP chatter, right? For the league leading Memphis Grizzlies (11-2), Zach Randolph is that guy!

Z-Bo has been averaging 16.7 PPG and 13.3 RBG. Aside from the numbers, Zach Randolph has been playing well on the defensive end as well. Randolph’s toughness and grit is one of the main reasons why the Grizzlies are destroying teams who get in their way.
Randolph may be a longshot to win the MVP, but if the Grizzlies can somehow keep winning, it’s going to be hard for the media to snub Zach Randolph.

#4 Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers may not be having the start that they were hoping for. Prior to the start of the season, there was a lot of chatter that the Lakers *could* beat the Chicago Bulls (`95-96) 72-10 record. With an All-Star cast featuring Kobe Bryant, 2-Time MVP Steve Nash, Multiple DPOY winners Dwight Howard and Ron Artest Metta World Peace it seemed to make sense at first. But unfortunately, Nash got injured, Mike Brown got fired, and there’s a lot of question marks down in Hollywood.
The only bright spot? Mr. Kobe Bryant!

Kobe is averaging nearly 30 points per game, 5 boards, and 5 dimes! With Nash out, Kobe has been doing the ball distribution for the Lakers. Though they are only at 7-8 right now, the Lakers still have a lot of time to make things right and win.
With Kobe Bryant, anything is possible. If the Lakers somehow turn this season around, Kobe may possibly win his 2nd MVP award this year; all at age 34.

#3 Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is widely considered as the 2nd best player after LeBron James. Though that is still debatable at this point, Durant is the unquestionable leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Durant’s scoring has been stellar ever since he entered the league 4 years ago. He’s averaging 26.6 points per game, a surprising 9 rebounds a game, and 4.4 assists per game.

There’s no question that Durant has been playing amazing in 16 games so far this season. But what makes Durant special this year is his increased rebounding and assists. Hopefully, Durant can keep this up till seasons end. If he does, maybe he can win his first ever MVP award.

He needs to make sure that the Thunder keeps winning too.

#2 Carmelo Anthony

In the 2003 Draft, it was LeBron James VS Carmelo Anthony. They battled since high school and up to the NBA. This time though, it might be LBJ VS Melo once again.

Carmelo Anthony is playing the best basketball of his career. 27 PPG, 7 RBG, 2 APG. Those numbers are still less than LeBron’s averages (except for points) but that doesn’t make Melo a lesser player.

In fact, Carmelo is playing so well this season not just because of his stats. His DEFENSE and hustle which was suspect for the past 8 years that he’s been in the league is now very evident.

Anthony is playing on both ends of the floor; something critics have always been knocking on Melo.

With the Knicks (10-4) having fun at the top of the Atlantic Division, there’s more reason for Melo to get consideration for the MVP award.

If the Knicks continue surprising people and play as good as they have, then Carmelo Anthony may indeed be the next MVP.

#1 LeBron James

Lo and behold, King James is #1 at the MVP race.

It’s not really surprising because LeBron, ever since he entered the league has been one of the best players in the game.
This year though, LeBron is playing insane. His numbers are off the chart! 25 points, 9 rebounds, and nearly 7 assists per game. LeBron is really playing in a different level.

The best part about it is that his amazing play is one of the reasons why the Miami Heat reclaimed the #1 spot in the Eastern Conference with an 11-3 record.

Honestly, it might be hard for LeBron to win another MVP this year. For media voters, it’s really hard to determine what an MVP season for LBJ looks like. Will they give it to him because his stats are superior to Melo and Durant? Or will they give it to him because his Miami Heat will end up with 65+ wins?

It’s really difficult to determine if LBJ deserves the award. But make no mistake about it… If LeBron James continues his stellar play and the Heat finishes with the best record in the league, we might be seeing a back-to-back MVP for the King.