The Most Successful Countries at Wimbledon

The all England Lawn Tennis Club began hosting the Wimbledon championships in July 1877. Since then players from all over the world have come to take part in, what is arguably dubbed, the most prestigious Grand Slam of the tennis season.

Wimbledon Now and Then

Every summer players prepare themselves for the only grand slam that is played on a grass surface. In fact, since 1877 the competition has been played every year, with the only exceptions made during the years of World Wars One and Two. At this time the competition was not considered to be appropriate due to the depressions caused by the wars. However, just because tennis hadn’t been at the forefront of everyone’s minds during these years, the absence of the competition didn’t affect the popularity of the Championships.

Wimbledon signifies tennis in the most humble way, it is an event that continues to carry the traditions and etiquette of times gone by through to today.

Wimbledon is the Grand Slam Tennis sensation of the season that just continues to grow. Not only do players from all over the world come to participate, The AELTC also welcomes visitors from overseas that come to follow their countries representatives.

Wimbledon Tickets

Notoriously, because it is hosted at a club, Wimbledon isn’t the easiest event to get a ticket for. There are only three ways to get a ticket.

Those wishing to visit can enter the ballot. This is a draw that takes place every year where random entrees are selected and offered the chance to purchase a ticket on a specific day.

Alternatively, should you have the funds, you can make an application to be a debenture holder. This means that you purchase seats at the AELTC. The seats are yours for a period of three years to do with as you wish. A debenture ticket is the only ticket to Wimbledon that can be transferred. Therefore, it is the only ticket that can be bought on the open market, and it is the only way you can guarantee you will get to Wimbledon. Wimbledon debenture tickets are often sold together with hospitality packages. These packages are very appealing to travellers from overseas as well as affluent individuals that simply love tennis.

The only other way to get in to Wimbledon is to join the queue. The Wimbledon queue is famous due to its length and the amount of time fans are willing to gather and wait for their chance to be at the championships. Unfortunately being in the queue doesn’t guarantee you a ticket. Quite often tickets are sold out before you get to the front of the queue.

Wimbledon Participants from across the Globe

Perhaps the most effective way of measuring the levels of success across all countries, which have entered into Wimbledon, would be to take a look at the statistics of the pinnacle events.

Both the men’s and the women’s singles championship titles award the highest prize fund, they are the most sort after titles in the Wimbledon Championships.

Men’s Singles Success

Country Number of All Time Winners First & Last Year Won
Great Britain 37 1877 – 2016
United States of America 33 1920 – 2000
Australia 21 1907 – 2002

The Most Successful Men’s Singles players

The countries wouldn’t have had their success without some of the greatest ever tennis players, representing them, at the Wimbledon Championships every year. Having seen who the most successful countries are in the Men’s single championships, it’s interesting to look at the players responsible for all those winning titles.

William Renshaw

Born in January 1861 William Renshaw was a British tennis player, and the first president of the British Lawn Tennis Association.

The talented player brought much success to his homeland in the 19th century. During his career he won 12 major titles, including seven singles titles at Wimbledon, six of which were consecutive. It was only in 2017 that his total record of men’s final wins was over thrown by Roger Federer.

Prior to Federer’s success Renshaw, Sampras and the current champion were all equal in their achievements at Wimbledon. Despite the fact that the record has now been beaten, Renshaw is, to this day, one of the most successful players in Wimbledon’s history.

Pete Sampras

Famous for his accurate and powerful serve, Pete Sampras was fondly referred to as ‘Pistol Pete’, during his tennis career. Born in America in 1971, Sampras was the first man to win fourteen Grand Slam single titles, seven of which were at Wimbledon.

Having achieved success on such a high level at Wimbledon he shared the record for the most men’s singles titles up until Federer won his eighth title this year. The American star went down in history as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Rod Laver

Arguably one of the greatest ever men’s tennis players at Wimbledon is Rod Laver. He was ranked world number one from 1964 through to 1970. This success covered four years before and three years after the commencement of the Open Era in 1968. Prior to that he also achieved number one status in the amateur era.

Having won the Wimbledon men’s single final championships on four separate occasions, he is the most successful male Australian at Wimbledon.

Women’s Singles Success

Country Number of All Time Winners First & Last Year Won
United States of America 57 1905 – 2016
Great Britain 36 1884 – 1977
Germany 8 1931 – 1996
France 8 1919 – 2013

The Most Successful Women’s Singles Players

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova was born in Czechoslovakia in 1956. When she turned 18 she requested political asylum I the US. She was granted residency on a temporary basis until 1981 when she officially became a Citizen of the United States.

Now retired from playing, and coaching tennis, Navratilova has been described as the greatest female tennis player of all time. She was world number one for an impressive 332 weeks as a singles player and as a doubles player for 237 weeks. Her combined success as world number one makes her the only player in the world to have held the highest ranking in tennis in both categories for more than 200 weeks.

The talented player managed to get into the Wimbledon finals twelve times, and won the women’s singles championships a record nine times. Over the course of her career she won twenty Wimbledon titles in total making her a joint record holder with Billie Jean King.

Dorothea Lambert Chambers

Born Dorothea Douglass this Wimbledon Champion holds 7 women’s singles titles to her name. She put in her first ever appearance at Wimbledon in 1900. She didn’t do too well in the beginning and got knocked out in the second round of the competition. It wasn’t until three years later that she made a name for herself at Wimbledon and won the first of 7 women’s singles titles.

In 1907 she was married and became known by her married name Dorothea Lambert Chambers. One of her Woman’s singles championship titles is notable because it was won without losing a single game. This Wimbledon legend beat Dora Boothby 6-0, 6-0.

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf made sure that Germany earnt a place on the list of one of the most successful countries at Wimbledon, by winning seven woman’s single titles. Not only that, she has helped massively to grow tennis in popularity in her home country along with.

Over the course of her dramatic career she won a very respectable twenty two singles title, making her one of the most successful tennis players of all time. Not only is one of the greatest female players the sport has ever seen, she is also credited with her achievements, having held the world number one spot for 377 weeks. This is the longest rein of any male or female player.

Suzanne Lenglen

Born in May 1899, Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen, was a French tennis player, with 31 Championship titles to her name.

Her style and flamboyant nature contributed to her celebrity status both at home and internationally. She was nick named in the French media as ‘the goddess’, and can be credited for helping to establish the popularity of women’s tennis, in a time where women were still classed as secondary citizens all over the world.

Astonishingly, Lenglen held 241 titles, she could also boast that she managed to win 181 of her matches consecutively, one of the longest winning streaks in tennis history. At Wimbledon Suzanne has 6 women’s singles titles to her name, ensuring that France earns its place as one of the most successful countries at The Championships.