The Manchester United Logo

Each time has a logo that has a story behind it. This is because the logo is the teams own way of showing people who they really are. Each logo is carefully crafted as all the symbols on it each have a special meaning. On that note, we shall take a few minutes to discuss the Manchester United logo and the hidden secrets that come with it.

The fist Man United logo

Manchester United is a well-known team today. As a result it has thousands of fans that rally behind them each and every year. Come rain, come sunshine and even the hail, once a Man United fan. Always a Man Untied fan. Each of these fans is so loyal, such that they will even go to the risks of betting real money on the team at online sports betting sites. This is just like those who bet real money on online casino games.

Anyways, we wanted to focus on the logo of the team. The team was formed in 1878 as Newton Health LYR Football Club. And from the time that they were founded they have had 4 different logos. The fifth one being the one that is being used to day.

Form the first logo to the one that is being used, a lot has changed for the team. If you were to look up the first logo of Man United and compare it to the one that is used today, one would find that here are very little similarities.

The Current Logo

According to bestussportsbetting, the current logo of Man United is was created in 1998. The logo bears with it a lion with a triton in its paw. It is red, as fans are well aware of the team being known as the Red Devils.

Manchester United are a force to be reckoned with in the world of soccer. As many have seen them fall countless times and each of those times they have risen to face the next challenge.