Introduction to NFL Futures Wagering

Each February, the NFL season concludes on an epic stage. The spectacle of the Super Bowl marks the end of one journey but the beginning of another. For football bettors, the next Super Bowl quickly becomes the focus once a season is in the books. Bookmakers like promptly post the odds for an upcoming Super Bowl right after the conclusion of an NFL season. There are many factors for the bettor to evaluate in an NFL futures pool.

There are three main NFL futures pools. The main one is on the Super Bowl. There are also pools for conference and division titles. While bookmakers have to be extremely focused to set an accurate NFL point spread, there is more leeway in a futures pool.

Super Bowl Futures Pool

For a Super Bowl pool of 32 teams, only one club is going to win. So, there is a good deal of flexibility that is available to the oddsmaker. Because of this, the Super Bowl odds for the upcoming year can be released at the conclusion of the season. Initially, the odds will be greatly influenced by what has occurred in the prior season after all, the opening odds have been set before any offseason personnel moves have been made. When the odds are first released, the savvy bettor will be looking to find some teams that could have some upside for the coming season. Because of the structure of the league, bad teams can become playoff contenders from year to year.

In the previous decade, many squads went from a last place team one year to a division champion the next. The Miami Dolphins posted a woeful 1-15 record in 2007. In 2008, a rejuvenated Miami club went 11-5 to win the AFC East. Since 2001, nine different franchises have represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. These are examples of how quickly things can change in the league from one year to the next. [Read more…]


It’s Time for The Super Bowl – Get Your Bets In!

The Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday, and it’s going to be between the Seahawks and the Patriots. Super Bowl ads are already being discussed, and people are already hitting the grocery store for all of the snacks necessary for the big game. It’s going to be a very long Sunday, and glory rests with the team that can truly pull ahead to the big win.

But what about the betting crowd? It’s time to get your bets in, and there are a few things that you might want to think about.

First and foremost, you want to see whether you’re going to bet on the favorite or not. There are so many different bets to choose from in the world of NFL betting, but the Super Bowl tends to cloud people’s judgment. Instead of looking at the numbers, they go immediately to “gut feelings” of who will win and who will lose. That’s a bad idea, on a wide variety of levels. Of course, if you don’t plan to have a lot of skin in the game, you can probably get away with just doing a few prop bets. But if you’re trying to think like a serious gambler, you need to think about as much data as possible to reap the rewards you deserve.

Super Bowl

One, betting on the favorite isn’t always a good idea. But looking at this year’s Super Bowl underdog yields some strong disadvantages. It can be summed up in one word: Deflategate. The fact that there is an ominous cloud of confusion, cheating, and misdirection around the Patriots means that they could be at a strong disadvantage in the actual Super Bowl. Morale is going to be a lot lower than it would be otherwise, giving you the opportunity to either bet on how much the Pats will lose by, or how much they will win by if they manage to do an upset.

Big money can ride on these games, making it very tempting to bet the farm on the outcomes. Be sure that you’re still not risking so much money on the Super Bowl that you cannot afford to replace later on. If you can stick to that rule, you’ll be better off than people that feel the need to throw everything they have on the “big game” so they can get the “big win” that they’ve been chasing all season. Do you know what real punters call people that do this?

Broke. 🙂

Be sure that you’re staying as strategic as possible on this game. Strip away the hype and what do you get? A football game, like any other football game. NFL guidelines will still have to be observed, even though the stakes on the game are so high. We will still have a winner and a loser. Life will go on after the Super bowl, and both teams will still make a lot of money in the long run. Make sure that when you sit down to make your bets before the game that you know not just who you’re going for, but why you’re going to put hard earned money on their outcome. That’s the difference between real betting and just throwing your money into the wind. Good luck!


Super Bowl XLVII Preview



For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will be coaching against each other during the big game. John Harbaugh is the head coach of the AFC champion Baltimore Ravens while Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. As much as this feat seems impossible, the Harbaugh brothers could have made history during last year’s Super Bowl as both teams lost in the championship round.

John Harbaugh, the older brother, and his Baltimore Ravens made this year’s playoffs as the AFC North division champions and were the AFC’s number four seed. Their march to the Super Bowl began with an emotional home game victory against the Indianapolis Colts and former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano who has struggled with leukemia throughout the season. The wild card game also featured Ray Lewis’ final game in Baltimore. The next stop along the march was against the AFC’s number one seeded team and the Denver Broncos. The head to head matchup of all time greats of Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning was one for the history books as the Ravens won in double overtime. The conference championship game featured both the Ravens and the Patriots for the second year in a row but with a different outcome as the Ravens were able to fend off Tom Brady and the Patriots to win the AFC championship.

Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh, the younger brother, and his San Francisco 49ers entered the playoffs as the NFC West champions as well as the NFC’s second ranked team earning a first round bye week. Their first matchup was a home game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers where Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore were able to run the 49ers to victory. The conference championship game featured the conferences’ number one and two seeded teams in Atlanta where the Falcons once again lost a big first half lead ultimately giving the 49ers a trip to New Orleans and to Super Bowl XLVII.

This year’s big game has many pre-game storylines that could make Super Bowl XLVII one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever. The most obvious storyline is that of the head coaching brothers to face off against one another with the Super Bowl title at stake. The game will also feature two future Hall of Fame players who could potentially walk into the sunset with a fairy tale ending in both Ray Lewis and Randy Moss. Lewis has already announced his retirement while Moss, if the 49ers win, very well could end his career on top. These two teams also made critical decisions late in the regular season which led to much controversy. Jim Harbaugh had made the decision to start Colin Kaepernick at quarterback after Alex Smith had been injured with concussion and ultimately led the 49ers to the championship game last season. John Harbaugh and the Ravens decided to let go of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replace him with former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. In retrospect, both decisions look like genius decisions.

As far as the outcome and analysis of the game, this game is unique as an infinite number of variables come into play that normally would not be accounted during the regular season. The escalated exposure from the media, the two week layoff with yearly awards being announced, and the neutral playing location can all lead to unknown actions on Sunday for both players and coaches. I believe that the team that will play better on Sunday has always been and always will be the team that emotionally and psychologically wants to win more than the other. These variables include experience in both the league and in the post season, natural player skills, and most of all player will power and personality.

The team that can come out of the gates on Sunday wanting to win the game more than its opponent will win Super Bowl XLVII. Both of these teams are led by head coaches who are competitive and know each other more so than probably any other Super Bowl matchup in history. This year’s big game should turn out to be one for the history books.