Don’t Go Broke On March Madness

Every spring brings a frenzy of excitement for college basketball fans. Dozens of college teams compete in back to back games throughout the US in hopes to make to the final four tournaments at the end of the month. For many teams this is a last hope, and for others it is the result of hard work and dedication throughout the regular season. For fans it is a blast to watch on television with other friends, or to go to games to cheer on your school. But with tickets, jerseys, food and so much more the price tag can get high quick unless you follow a few simple tips to keep your March Madness budget in bounds.

Even though there is a little time before the basketball madness begins, it is wise to think ahead for gear, food, tickets, hotel rooms and so much more so you can save money by buying ahead of time. Jersey’s alone can run you hundreds of dollars if you wait to purchase them at the arena. And tickets will skyrocket in cost quicker than anything else.


Now is the time to go online and find your favorite jerseys and clothing at smarter prices. The Tar Heels are a popular team and right now you can get a simple blue and white Carolina tee for less than $13. Or you can get a Nike North Carolina Tarheel white replica jersey for $59.95. If you want to go all out, purchase the replica basketball shorts too for $59.95 or the varsity fleece pants for $26.95. You can find other teams too like the Duke Blue Devils, the Florida Gators, the Pitt Panthers, the Fighting Illini, and so many more.

If you plan on going to the game you may want to have pom poms or lays to wear and wave, they will only run you $1.50-3.95 if you buy them ahead of time. If you want a cave banner to hold up or display on your wall, pregame sale will only cost $19.95. Tailgating is popular with March Madness crowds too and you may want a rolling collapsible cooler for under $50, or a stadium seat for $24.95. At the stadium a giant foam finger will cost you at least $20, but if you buy it before you go it will only be about $5.95.

For those who plan on staying at home, enjoying the craziness from your own couch, you can buy some food and supplies ahead of time. And if you want catered food, call now and get cheaper deals before the prices go up. You may also want to get a few things for the home like an 8-pack of paper plates with your teams logo on it for less than $4, or balloons with your team for less than $7. For some added fun you can purchase team logo items like lantern lights for $29.95 or a decorative chip and dip plate for $13.95, and even a charm set for your guests wine glasses for under $20.

Tickets will be your most expensive purchase, so this should be a priority for planning ahead. For instance, if you want Kentucky Wildcats basketball tickets you can already head to the schools website and purchase 2013 basketball championship tickets for March 21st and 23rd games at Rupp arena. Right now they are running $192-285 a seat depending on where you want to sit, but the longer you wait the more chance the price will go up.

March Madness is an American pastime. And there is no reason you can’t enjoy it without financially penalizing yourself. Just be smart and plan ahead and you can root for your team with no worries!