MLB Offseason: Teams that need to make a move

The Major League Baseball offseason is when teams have the chance to change the look of their club in a big way in hopes of winning a World Series, or a time for teams to sit complacent and hope the talent they currently have is enough.

The Blue Jays are a great example of a team that is playing to win now, while their biggest free agent transaction this year was a steal in getting Melky Cabrera for $8 million a year, their bigger news came when they traded a group of prospects in return for big names such as Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle. Below are three teams that should follow the Blue Jays as teams that make a splash this baseball offseason.

1)    Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles were the surprise team of baseball last year as they were able to finish with a 93-69 record, which was good enough for a Wild Card spot. They ended up beating the Texas Rangers in the Wild Card game and eventually fell to the New York Yankees in five games in the ALDS.

The Orioles are a young team with talent that is year after year competing in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, the AL East. With the Blue Jays as the most improved team so far, the Orioles need to strengthen their pitching staff at the minimum if they want to compete next year for another playoff spot.

2)    Texas Rangers

The Rangers are most likely going to lose Josh Hamilton in free agency and will be without their best player from last year. The Rangers had one of the best offenses in all of baseball last year and if Hamilton walks they will need to find a way to subsidize the loss of power from their lineup for next season.

Obviously replacing Josh Hamilton is going to be near impossible, but if they are able to upgrade offensively at a couple positions and have a healthy and improved young pitching staff, then the Rangers should be able to see more success next year.

3)    Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers already have two star players in Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp, but in order to be a better team they will need get a better supporting cast this offseason. One player that I can see the Dodgers going after and someone who will instantly make them a serious contender would be starting pitcher Zach Greinke.

Last season the Dodgers made a nice trade when they acquired Hanley Ramirez from the Miami Marlins who went into fire sale mode. They have owners that care about winning and are also getting close to signing a huge TV deal worth $6-7 billion. This team has the money to sign Greinke and the winning attitude to pay whatever it takes. Should be interesting to see how they spend their money this offseason.