5 Reasons Why the Heat will NOT Repeat

You must’ve already read our take on why the Miami Heat will REPEAT and become the NBA Champions once again this season. But it would be boring if we automatically assume that the Heat will win it all. After all, there’s going to be a lot of basketball to be played this season and a lot of teams are gunning for that elusive trophy.

So how about we look at things in a different perspective? Here are 5 Reasons why the Miami Heat will NOT repeat as champions this season!

1.)    Wade and Bosh’s Health

The Miami Heat barely made it to the NBA Finals last season. The injured Boston Celtics pushed the Heat to 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals (ECF). Imagine if the Celtics managed to close the Heat out? Truth be told, the Miami Heat got lucky (which isn’t a bad thing).

The Heat had a banged up Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh also missed some games due to injury. If the Heat are not healthy come Playoff time, they may not make it past the ECF. LeBron’s talent alone can’t catapult the Heat to another NBA title. He needs Wade and Bosh to be healthy for them to make it back to the NBA Finals.

2.)    The Interior is Still Weak

Well guys, it looks like the Eddy Curry experiment didn’t last long. Pat Riley probably figured out that Curry was taking too much space on the bench (I bet you had a good laugh!). Seriously speaking though, the Miami Heat cut Eddy Curry and did not make any significant addition to bolster their front court.

It seems that the Miami Heat are going to continue sporting a non-traditional line-up without a real center. The Heat will start Chris Bosh at center and hope for the best. With Andrew Bynum making his way to Philadelphia, the Heat may face some trouble in the interior. Luckily for them, Bynum is out indefinitely and may not even play this season. The teams in the East are taking advantage of the Heat’s weakness and they might be exposed in the playoffs.

3.)    Carmelo Anthony says Hi!

It’s not a secret that Carmelo Anthony always had LeBron James’ number since High school. Although LeBron got the best out of Melo in last season’s playoffs, there’s no guarantee that LBJ can expect the same results this season.

Melo’s Knicks are gunning for the Eastern Conference with a revamped roster. Having added veteran point guard Jason Kidd, defensive big man Marcus Camby, defensive ace Ronnie Brewer, new starting point guard Raymond Felton among others, the Knicks are poised to debut their best line up in over a decade.

Carmelo Anthony is regarded as the best player in the NBA right now without an NBA title, and many experts feel that it’s his time. Heat fans… What if it is Melo’s time this season? [Read more…]