Winning Streaks: Betting and Responsibility

It is a known fact that with betting people run the risk of developing a habitual problem. This does not necessarily mean that you should give up on enjoying life and playing. Besides being particularly vulnerable to this hazard, you can conveniently learn the inns and outs of betting either online or at a land base casino, study casino games rules, odds, betting systems and more. This will not help you deal with the real risk of gambling and online betting. What should rather concern you is problem gambling, which 5% of international gamblers develop. Most players stick to this notion that only certain groups are gullible to this risk, but problem gambling occurs irrespective of age or belief.

Gambling Problem

The truth about gambling problems is that, you can avoid them if you start taking the game seriously and with responsibility. Responsible gambling can prevent cases of a betting addiction. The basic principle of avoiding the hazards is being disciplined and sportingly aware of the pitfalls. The trick lurks in trying to identify the fine line between betting for fun and gambling for accomplishing a need. You can prevent crossing the line by basic principles.

A lot of institutions research on betting problems and teach players responsible gambling. For example The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) provides much information about the subject. The NCRG has donated millions of dollars to the study of pathological gambling, and of late, on preventing cases of addiction. Here are some of the rules:


Time is precious, so don’t waste it on gambling time and again. If you are focusing on a bet, devote a certain portion of your time to it, and don’t stray from your limit. If you choose to gamble, allocate a few hours for it per day, say an hour a day if you bet online and 4 if you are at a land based casino. This helps you remain rooted to your purpose.

Lucky Dice

Stay Active

Don’t get sucked into the game. Casino games are widely known to hypnotize the gamblers, and the more you play consecutively, the less you feel the damage. Take a break from your game, sip a drink, watch TV, stroll through the halls, or enjoy an entertainment site online. Breaks help you a lot.

Take a Break

Beat the addictive nature of betting, though without its addiction, it would have never gained the popularity it enjoys today. This doesn’t mean for you to make gaming your major pastime activity: balance it by adopting other activities. Take a break from gambling by pursuing a different hobby.

Manage the Money

Be careful with your money, manage it well. At the very outset, set yourself a monetary limit, know how much you can afford to lose. Once you lose, go back home. Never use the “living money” or the funds meant for paying the bills, buying food, paying taxes etc. The gambling money is your entertainment budget – don’t exploit it.

Gamble in High Spirits!

Betting is legitimate entertainment, and even if it is meant for relaxing, do not gamble when you are stressed out or depressed. Gambling is only a temporary escape.

With the help of the above suggestions, be a responsible bettor and if you still have problems, consult a friend or a specialist, who can determine if you are suffering from gambling addiction.