Guide to Betting on Football

There are many reasons why betting on football is more popular now than it`s ever been in the past but much of its success is tied in with the growth of the internet and the subsequent increase in online gambling. It`s taken some of the stigma out of betting which in turn has shed, what was viewed as a somewhat `seedy image` and it has underlined the fact that betting in moderation is fun.

If you`ve never placed a bet online before then the first task is to open an account. Maybe you`ve used a bookmaker`s shop in the past and if you`re familiar with a particular brand then you can of course continue to use them.

However, it`s worth looking at the many incentives that all outlets offer when you open an account. These will tend to fall into two categories and they will either be in the shape of free bets or matched deposits. You can rest assured that there really is no catch with these because each bookmaker just wants to entice you in and secure you as a long term client so take your time in finding the best deal around.

If you`re not an experienced gambler then it makes sense to start with the easiest bet of all and this involves speculating on the result of a single football match. There are only three potential outcomes here with a win for either of the two sides or a draw and while the odds might be lower as a result, this is a perfect bet to start with as you learn the system.

Moving on from this basic gamble, online bookmakers have expanded their markets to cover almost every part of a football match from kick off to final whistle. As far as player bets are concerned you can now stake on the first or last goal scorer, whether a player will find the net at any stage and whether he will notch up a hat trick. You could even bet on a particular footballer scoring with his head.

In addition you could also gamble on the number of red and yellow cards in a game and whether the first set piece in a match will be a corner, throw in, free kick, goal kick or penalty.

Another new innovation has been the introduction of a phenomenon known as betting in play. Some bookmakers call this `live betting` and essentially, you can still get involved with all the gambles listed above once the game has started.

This is a really exciting innovation because it tests your skills as a soccer analyst to the limit. You`ll need to act quickly too in order to identify a set of odds and secure them before they change.

No matter what type of bet you`re getting involved in, it is vitally important that you do as much research as possible before you place your money. You can do this in any number of ways from studying recent results in newspapers or online on sites like and some bookmakers will also have form guides to help you decide.

You can also look out for as many football betting guides as you possibly can. So as long as you are prepared, you could progress from complete newcomer and start to turn football betting into a lucrative hobby.