Cheltenham Festival 2018

As all the horse racing fanatics will know, Cheltenham Festival 2018 is just around the corner. The annual event attracts thousands of viewers and visitors worldwide, and is well known for its atmosphere – most notably the “Cheltenham roar”. The horse racing odds available also means that hundreds on millions of pounds are expected gambled during the week.

This year’s Cheltenham Festival is a momentous one for the event as its prize pool of around £5 million means it has the largest prize pool of any Cheltenham festival. Although there are numerous reasons why the prize pools have increased over the years, the main reason is due to the investment from the Jockey Club. Since the 18th century, the club have invested in the sport by opening new racecourses, improve existing ones, and investing in training and racecourse facilities in order to bring them to the highest standard possible. These investments and improvements have led to the sport becoming very popular and, as a result, the prize pool has also improved because of this investment.

Considering the increasing amount of money that is involved in the sport at the moment, it should come as no surprising that famous figures are becoming more involved in the sport in an effort to increase their wealth. Although the upfront cost of owning a race horse can be high, especially for a successful one, the large prize money up for grabs means that they can make significant earnings if their horse manages to win the race.

Other famous figures, such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Steven Spielberg, own their own horses but it is unknown whether they will be attending the festival this week.

Arguably the most famous horse racing owner, and also one of the most successful, is Queen Elizabeth II. Although a lot of horse racing success comes down to the training that the horse receives, the Queen also benefits from her knowledge of horses. Her keen interest and knowledge of them means that she has chosen some of the best horses to own. Since winning her first race as horse owner at the age of 23, she has won just of 15% of her races and gained over £7.5 million in winnings over the years.

If you’re a racing fanatic and aware of the horse owners then you should perform reasonably well on this quiz. Give it a try.