Why Poker may become an Olympic Sport

Events rising to become an Olympic Sport is small achievement since the authorities need to be convinced that the activity is skill-based. The Olympic organisation holds a lot of credibility and only the best of the best will appear. The GAISF committee are the people who make this decision and take this into account and it is one of their primary objectives that they look to be fulfilled. If you ask the experts in poker, they will tell you that it is at least partially skill based. Even if a bad hand is received then the behaviours around this can still determine if you win or lose. There is a lot of variation in poker and the cards the players are completely random making the outcome somewhat interesting, unlike other activities such as bingo games where the outcomes are purely random.

Other Contenders

There are a number of other sports at the moment who are determined to become Olympic sports and have been having this battle for some time. Some of these include arm-wrestling, foosball and dodgeball. All these sports (along with poker) have been given the status of “observer” by GAISF which the first step in this journey is, potentially. The GAISF are responsible for making these decisions and introducing some new sports to the Olympics (or recommending that others are disbanded). [Read more…]


The Pitfalls of Not Raising Enough in Poker

If you’re going to play poker, then you really need to get into the game. Don’t be afraid to raise well. Don’t be afraid to get into pots where you know that you have a good hand. The very fundamentals of poker can help you with some decisions, but other decisions will have to come from just feeling the board, and going with your best guess.

Guess? Isn’t that a dirty word in the world of poker? Sometimes, but there is a place for guessing and doing the best that you can. A lot of people think that playing “by the book” poker will take them into the highest of stakes. That’s not really true. There is some “guesswork” in the world of poker. Not every professional is playing based on solid theory. There comes a time where you just need to make a call and go with your gut.

When do you need to raise? When you really do have a hand worth raising with.

Let’s set up a board and pursue this further:

Hand: QdTh (Queen of Diamonds, Ten of Hearts, QTo)

If you’re in late position, this means that you’re the last to act. This gives you a chance to really think about your actions. If everyone else is just calling and you have a moderately good hand, you might want to raise to see what everyone else does. A light raise can weed out the people that were just going to throw whatever they liked into the ring and call it a day.

If you’re in early position (first to act) — you might want to call and see who else jumps in with you. Your hand is pretty strong, but you still have some competition. There’s AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ, & AJ to think about as well.

poker raising

You need to practice a bit of caution if someone else raises. If they’re only raising 1BB (one big blind), then proceed. However, if they start going with a 10BB raise, you might be in a world of trouble. Would you push forward?

Well. I would, but I’m a little ballsy that way. Some would fold out because they are worried about losing to other hands. You know what? Do it. This is even more the case if you’re just practicing some free poker stuff.

Let’s go on to the flop:

10d Js 9s

You’re excited! Straight time, right? Almost. You need one more to make that straight, but be careful: someone else might have the straight already. If someone has a KQ, they have the nuts already. Someone else could raise on you with an 87 in hand. This means that you will have to evaluate carefully, studying the position that everyone is in, as well as how much they have raised.

Turn: 6c

Ouch. Believe it or not, we’ve had turns like that. They suck. You feel uneasy. You’re not sure if you want to stay in. The truth? You do. At this point, you have a pair of 10’s. You’ve already committed to the pot. You might as well finish it out.

River: 8s

A few problems here. This makes three spades on the board. So even if you have the straight, someone else might have the flush! You would be beaten, and your chips sucked away. This has happened to us so many times it’s not even funny anymore.

Look at what others are doing. Now, you might have some players going stealth, but usually people will bet HARD if they have something good.

If nobody is raising, this is when you raise! Don’t let that straight go away. On the other hand, you have to make sure that you raise smart. Don’t go all in. Shove if you must, but don’t push so hard that you lose all of your chips. Remember, if someone has a KQ, they can beat your straight.

Let’s say that everyone calls once you raise again. They’re committed, just like you. Some have folded — good. [Read more…]


Why Yes, There Are Legal USA Poker to Enjoy Online

Players from the USA have their own battles to fight when it comes to online gambling. Just when they think that they can play at a casino, the casino will suddenly flip to barring them from playing. If you are trying to win serious cash online, this is definitely not a situation you want to find yourself in. Could you really imagine going to sit down at an online casino, only to find that your money has been frozen and your account has been disabled? Nobody wants to find that type of reality in their own gambling lives, so it’s best to do your research to avoid it as much as possible.

USA Poker

That’s honestly why there are sites like — you need to be able to do the correct research ahead of time. Sure, you could probably just type in “usa casinos” and find sites that way, but that’s a lot of research time that could be spent actually playing the gambling games that mean the most to you. You just have to make sure that you’re thinking about your entertainment before anyone else’s. That’s the real way to success, when you really think about it. You just need to make sure that you’re taking action as soon as possible. There’s a world of money and even new friends out there waiting for you, but not if you never take any action. You don’t have to hesitate forever, fearing getting with a good casino. There are plenty of casinos that welcome US players with open arms. You just need to focus on those and let the others pass you by. They can’t do anything for you anyway, so why worry about them? [Read more…]