Add Some Fun to Your NFL Betting with Season Wins

Season betting is something that’s always been around, but more punters are taking notice of it. As the name implies, they give you the power to take a stand on the number of games a team will win throughout the season. Keep in mind that these are regular season wins, rather than preseason or playoffs. It covers a much narrower window than you might imagine.

Those that love season bets tell us that there’s value in them because they are heavily influenced by market sentiment. People bet with their emotions rather than win numbers and logic. So if you’re a numbers/logic punter, then you have the upper hand. If you have a team that has a strong brand name and reputation, they’re actually weaker than the underdog teams. Good teams are made up of players that do a fantastic job of getting things done, but those players can be traded to other teams. With free agency, players don’t even have to wait on trades anymore. They can do the trading themselves, moving to where they feel the grass is greenest. If a team can’t afford a player, they will move on. So your good team can turn sour, if it’s riding on the wave of one or two key players.

NFL betting

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the season wins wager is to get terrible teams that were awful last season and see if they’ve done any shopping of their own. This is the first line defense for a bad team that has a bit of money to spend. They will spend it getting players that they feel have the most value in raising the team’s profile and hopefully, their winning records as well.

Don’t get too tied up into season wagering. It’s supposed to be the type of bet that you do with your friends in order to tease each other for the rest of the season. Every “W” in your camp makes you feel good, and every “W” in their camp gives them something to tease you about. Good friendly bets are part of the camaraderie found in NFL betting, but you have to play in order to win!


A Few Overlooked Statistics In NFL Football

Ready to jump right into betting on all of the big NFL football games? Then you need to make sure that you understand NFL statistics. Some punters aren’t big on learning all of the stats, preferring to just look at which teams look good for betting on. That’s a whimsical approach to what could be serious money. Are you sure that you want to give it any less than your most focused effort? It can take some time to learn the stats, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ll go over a few stats with you, and then see about giving you the best advice to get you started.

1. Number of Touchdowns


At first, it might not sound like this is an important statistic. But you would be off base on that. Remember that touchdowns are part of scoring, and scoring is how we determine the point spread. Touchdowns are worth of a lot of points, and that’s always something to think about.

Case in point: Look at Denver with Peyton Manning. Denver knows that Peyton Manning puts up a lot of points. Pitted against a weak defense, they’re going to have a higher point spread because of Manning’s sheer ability to put up a lot of points. But against a strong defense, you’re going to deal with a much tighter spread. It’s really all about the spread when it comes to betting on NFL football.

2. Yards

running attacks

Teams that have good running attacks when they play against a team that doesn’t have good run defense will rack up a ton of yards. So studying the number of yards your chosen team is known to collect can lead you to find whether the team is worth betting on or not. What if the underdog listed in the matchup has great yardage abilities, but is overlooked by the crowd? This is just one more reason why “the wisdom of crowds” might not be to your advantage as a punter.

3. Defense

Defense nfl

A lot of people pick their teams based on offense, but what if you looked at your picks through the lens of good defense? The Pittsburgh Steelers have had great defense over the years, but their defense has suffered as players have been traded to other teams. The Detroit Lions have a great defense this year. Defense is an overlooked factor, and it really shouldn’t be. The right defense can stop an aggressive offense more than people think.

Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking at the numbers. The numbers can pull you away from your token favorite, but you have to ask yourself this: do you want to make money, or do you want to claim so much loyalty that it ends up crippling you? Think about it and try to make better bets!


NFL Season Is Here – Bring on the Parlay Bets!

The NFL season is off to a running start, with plenty of teams going head to head. We love watching all of the big games, but betting on them is even sweeter. If you’ve already done some point spread betting, then you’re ahead of a lot of other people. But what about when you’re ready to take on a little bit more risk than the standard bet brings?

Remember that with higher degrees of risk, we have higher areas of value. We can get bigger hits to our bankroll when we take on calculated risks.

Here’s what happens with a parlay bet: you are placing two or more bets together, and you have to have all of those bets win as a GROUP. That’s the reason why parlays are risky: you have to have all of your teams win, or you don’t get any money back.

Parlay Bets

So if it’s so risky, why do people bet this way? The odds can be a lot higher, sometimes nearly 3 to 1! If you were to bet on the Packers, the Eagles, and the Steelers, you would have to have all of them beat the spread on their individual games. If that happens, when you get the parlay odds. But what happens if one of your teams has a tie game? That’s a “push”, and you get lower odds. But if one of the teams above doesn’t beat the point spread, then you’re in for trouble. You don’t get any money for that bet at all.

Parlay betting is for advanced punters, in our opinion. If you want to take on a little more risk and add some flavor to your betting, then this is definitely a great way to do that. But if the idea of losing money turns making you turn green, then maybe you need to stick with straight bets. critics of parlay betting say that they don’t care for the system because it doesn’t give you great odds, and you would be better off making a bunch of straight bets. Sure, but where’s the thrill? There’s a psychological rush in knowing that we’re doing something a bit risky. We’re drawn to risk, and we always will be. [Read more…]


The Glorious Rise of NFL Football Betting in the UK

ESPN recently posted about the rising popularity of NFL betting. However, serious punters have been taking on NFL bets for a very long time, and many sportsbooks are already set up to handle these bets with no problem. What the reporter fails to realize is that betting is betting. If there’s a hungry market, there will surely be bets.

Do people really believe that only Americans watch the NFL games? Football by American rules is a completely different game from European football, but it still represents a huge market that’s only going to grow. Football has a time honored tradition in the United States, with plenty of people lining up to bet on the games that matter to them. It would be a very smart decision to look very closely at the NFL games playing this season, if you haven’t already. You always want to make sure that you’re looking at new opportunity to spread your bankroll around. Betting on the same teams that you’re used to can get really boring. Expanding out into NFL betting gives you something new to think about, and new is always good.

NFL Football Betting

If you want to jump in on the growing trend, here are a few tips on what you should do.

First and foremost, going to a great sportsbook is critical. Going to the wrong sportsbook can leave you with bad odds, bad support, and a world of terrible options. But if you go to a reputable sportsbook or online casino that offers sporting bets, you’ll be in the best position to make money. Odds will be different across the board. Looking at who has great odds and great support is the best way to go. Itís tempting to limit yourself only to physical sportsbooks, but that wouldn’t be a good idea either. What if you’re not feeling well and you don’t want to show up? It’s better to look at going with an online sportsbook where you know that you don’t have to leave home at all to get what you want.

Building the right foundation from the beginning is really important. If you’ve never played at the sportsbook before, you can usually collect some free bets. While they aren’t much on their own, they’re a great way to stretch your bankroll. Looking over at your options gives you plenty of chances to win real money. [Read more…]


Who Will Claim The Super Bowl Ring This Year – Bet and Then Find Out!

The NFL preseason is almost over, giving us plenty of excitement. Sure, preseason is fun because you get to see who’s really taken summer training to heart and who hasn’t, but let’s be honest: there’s nothing like the official season. This year, the official season starts up right on September 4th, a few days after Labor Day. So, how do you get ready for an excellent season of football? You need to start by looking at all of the teams that are playing. But what does that really mean?

Well, you have to step back and look at how football teams are organized during the official season. You have two conferences and multiple divisions within the NFL league. The two conferences are the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference). When you start looking at statistics, being able to narrow things down by conference and later by division will help you make better bets. Spreading your bets around is a good strategy when you get started, to increase your chances of winning. The worst thing that you can do is to get to a sportsbook and just “throw it all” on one team and hope for the best. Sharp football betting fans know better than that.

Super Bowl Ring

You also have different divisions within each conference. This keeps things pretty organized. You can lay out your bets per division, or you can focus on multiple divisions. It’s really up to you. You have four divisions within each conference: North, South, East, and West.

Sounds good, right? This can add quite a bit of spice to your normal NFL season, but you still need to pick a quality sportsbook. Going online for your sportsbook needs is good because you get to skip all of those office pools that usually don’t pay out very well. There are always a few hurt feelings when the results come in. Working with a professional sportsbook cuts all of the hurt feelings out of the picture entirely. We recommend allpro sportsbook, because they go above and beyond to make sure all players are comfortable. Support is only a few clicks away, and they strive to resolve any problems quickly. The interface is slick enough to meet your needs, but you can’t see any winnings if you don’t dive in and place your bets.


It’s NFL Football Season – Time to Get in the Game

A Game Like None Other

NFL football is a pretty intense game. Even Europeans will tune into the NFL season occasionally, and it gets talked about. There are a lot of teams trying to reach the height of the season — the Super Bowl. That’s what football is really all about. Who is the best team? Who are the best players? Some players take on a larger than life image, which is pretty cool. If you’re not into European football at the moment, then switching over to NFL football could give you the thrilling games that you’re looking for. Football is pretty intense no matter what, but there’s a special place in my heart for NFL football season. For one, people are going head to head on a field for a very small ball, and the strategy used on the field to get that ball is pretty cool.

But I don’t want to get into the mechanics of football. I want to help you make bets on the games. Why? It’s simple, really — you bet on the games in order to make money and add a little fun to the game. I’m to saying that you need to bet your entire house mortgage to have a good time. But if you have a little side money that you can use to seed your account, there’s nothing like the present to get started. There’s no time like now to add extra money to your account by really studying the game.

Jumping Into the Fray

Jumping into the fray isn’t going to be very difficult either. You need to make sure that you start by looking at the team that you really want to bet on. You need to study their history, how they play, along with who their star players are. If anything, you want to try to avoid as much sports gossip as possible. You have to make sure that you really think about everything associated with the game, because betting from the gut doesn’t really make sense. There’s no way to control the outcome of a game, and that’s something that I’m pretty glad about. If I knew ahead of time who won, it would really take away the thrill of finding out through watching the entire match!

NFL Football Season

You want to make sure that you’re going to a sportsbook online that can help you place all of the bets that you want. They’ll also be handling the money transfers. This is a pretty secure thing, so there’s nothing to worry about. I worried at first about the way things were going, only to find that everything was already taken care of for me with no problems at all. I had no worries about what was going on — the sportsbook handles a lot more than meets the eye. You can even watch the games online from time to time, depending on which sportsbook has the licensing.

Controlling Your Betting

Controlling your betting is something that cannot be stressed enough. Bankroll management isn’t complicated, but it’s very necessary. In short, it’s the way you stay in the game for life. If you can’t make things happen, you’re going to be spinning your wheels. Who really wants to do that, when you think about it? It’s a good time to reflect on your options and do what feels right for you!

The Road Ahead

Watching the game is fun, but betting on the game takes on a life of its very own. You might feel like you’re in familiar territory, because a lot of people want to bet on the big NFL games and talk about them. As long as you’re controlling your betting, looking at where you actually go to place your bets, and the community around every sportsbook, you’re bound to have a good time. Don’t feel pressured to bet more than what you can afford to lose merely because other people are chasing those wins. If you feel like you’re gambling is out of control at any point — stop. It’s not worth it if you’re not having a good time, or you feel trapped by it.

Have fun and remember — if you win big, don’t hesitate to write in and tell us. I love a good victory story!


Super Bowl XLVII Preview



For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will be coaching against each other during the big game. John Harbaugh is the head coach of the AFC champion Baltimore Ravens while Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. As much as this feat seems impossible, the Harbaugh brothers could have made history during last year’s Super Bowl as both teams lost in the championship round.

John Harbaugh, the older brother, and his Baltimore Ravens made this year’s playoffs as the AFC North division champions and were the AFC’s number four seed. Their march to the Super Bowl began with an emotional home game victory against the Indianapolis Colts and former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano who has struggled with leukemia throughout the season. The wild card game also featured Ray Lewis’ final game in Baltimore. The next stop along the march was against the AFC’s number one seeded team and the Denver Broncos. The head to head matchup of all time greats of Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning was one for the history books as the Ravens won in double overtime. The conference championship game featured both the Ravens and the Patriots for the second year in a row but with a different outcome as the Ravens were able to fend off Tom Brady and the Patriots to win the AFC championship.

Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh, the younger brother, and his San Francisco 49ers entered the playoffs as the NFC West champions as well as the NFC’s second ranked team earning a first round bye week. Their first matchup was a home game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers where Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore were able to run the 49ers to victory. The conference championship game featured the conferences’ number one and two seeded teams in Atlanta where the Falcons once again lost a big first half lead ultimately giving the 49ers a trip to New Orleans and to Super Bowl XLVII.

This year’s big game has many pre-game storylines that could make Super Bowl XLVII one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever. The most obvious storyline is that of the head coaching brothers to face off against one another with the Super Bowl title at stake. The game will also feature two future Hall of Fame players who could potentially walk into the sunset with a fairy tale ending in both Ray Lewis and Randy Moss. Lewis has already announced his retirement while Moss, if the 49ers win, very well could end his career on top. These two teams also made critical decisions late in the regular season which led to much controversy. Jim Harbaugh had made the decision to start Colin Kaepernick at quarterback after Alex Smith had been injured with concussion and ultimately led the 49ers to the championship game last season. John Harbaugh and the Ravens decided to let go of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replace him with former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. In retrospect, both decisions look like genius decisions.

As far as the outcome and analysis of the game, this game is unique as an infinite number of variables come into play that normally would not be accounted during the regular season. The escalated exposure from the media, the two week layoff with yearly awards being announced, and the neutral playing location can all lead to unknown actions on Sunday for both players and coaches. I believe that the team that will play better on Sunday has always been and always will be the team that emotionally and psychologically wants to win more than the other. These variables include experience in both the league and in the post season, natural player skills, and most of all player will power and personality.

The team that can come out of the gates on Sunday wanting to win the game more than its opponent will win Super Bowl XLVII. Both of these teams are led by head coaches who are competitive and know each other more so than probably any other Super Bowl matchup in history. This year’s big game should turn out to be one for the history books.