NFL Starts and Here’s how Winnings are taxed at Sports Betting

We all know how much you treasure online casino gambling but if you are versatile, then you will be part of the estimated 38 million adults expected to place their bets on NFL games this season. That means you must know which team and player to place your bets on.

There are quite a number of games that have been played. With the opening game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears showcased some interesting odds at many betting houses. The new season of the NFL has enabled quite a number of states to legalise sports betting. Therefore, what it simply means is that most of your wins will be subjected to taxation. The transaction will take place before it even reaches you and the tax depends on how big your win is.

If you are one of those players who play and win money through unregulated channels, you are then expected to pay fees up to the IRS at tax time. [Read more…]


Understanding Betting Odds on Football

Betting on football in the United States is a favorite pastime for most bettors. It is actually the most popular sports for someone to place a bet on.

Before your start placing your football bets, however, you should understand what the football betting odds are and how they are made. I would also recommend that you read betting strategy articles and advice guides that will hopefully improve your chances to increase your bankroll when betting on football.

What Football Betting Odds Are Not

Before diving into explaining football betting odds, let me explain to you what they aren’t.

  • Football betting odds aren’t the sportsbooks’ opinion on who will win the game. They are set with the hope that 50% of the money are equally distributed on each outcome of the game.
  • Football betting odds are not always representative of the “better” or “stronger” team
  • Football betting odds aren’t always sensible.

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Introduction to NFL Futures Wagering

Each February, the NFL season concludes on an epic stage. The spectacle of the Super Bowl marks the end of one journey but the beginning of another. For football bettors, the next Super Bowl quickly becomes the focus once a season is in the books. Bookmakers like promptly post the odds for an upcoming Super Bowl right after the conclusion of an NFL season. There are many factors for the bettor to evaluate in an NFL futures pool.

There are three main NFL futures pools. The main one is on the Super Bowl. There are also pools for conference and division titles. While bookmakers have to be extremely focused to set an accurate NFL point spread, there is more leeway in a futures pool.

Super Bowl Futures Pool

For a Super Bowl pool of 32 teams, only one club is going to win. So, there is a good deal of flexibility that is available to the oddsmaker. Because of this, the Super Bowl odds for the upcoming year can be released at the conclusion of the season. Initially, the odds will be greatly influenced by what has occurred in the prior season after all, the opening odds have been set before any offseason personnel moves have been made. When the odds are first released, the savvy bettor will be looking to find some teams that could have some upside for the coming season. Because of the structure of the league, bad teams can become playoff contenders from year to year.

In the previous decade, many squads went from a last place team one year to a division champion the next. The Miami Dolphins posted a woeful 1-15 record in 2007. In 2008, a rejuvenated Miami club went 11-5 to win the AFC East. Since 2001, nine different franchises have represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. These are examples of how quickly things can change in the league from one year to the next. [Read more…]


Will Professional Sports Survive the Concussion Epidemic?

The National Football League (NFL) should be commended for the initial steps it has taken to address the issue of concussions. Rejecting the short-term and potential long-term consequences of concussions is an out-of-date concept.

As recently as 2006, the NFL published literature minimizing the impact of concussions. In fairness to them, there has been a marked increase in our understanding of concussions over the past 10 years. Have the actions undertaken by the NFL to address concussions been proportionate to our increased knowledge in this field?


Enrollment in ‘Pop Warner’ Football reportedly declined by 9.5% between 2010 and 2012, and concern regarding head injury was cited as the primary reason. In the current issue of the Journal, Hotz et al (pages 11-16) have reported their find-ings in high school sports, including football.

For a league with current annual revenue of $9 billion and a projected target of $25 billion per year by 2027, has the NFL invested sufficiently in a nationwide education and awareness program to protect the brains of children and, ultimately, their own sport from itself?

The NFL deserves credit for instituting rule changes to address concussions. What is the right balance of protecting the integrity of the game and the health of its players? Has the NFL done enough to care for retired players suffering the consequences of head injury? Does the lack of guaranteed contracts in the NFL create a culture conducive to players reporting concussions? Is it the responsibility of the NFL to invest in independent clinical research? If so, is the NFL providing sufficient funds to address objective measures to diagnose concussions (eg, neuroimaging, biomarkers), and therapeutics for the short and long-term impacts of concussions?

The challenge surrounding concussions are systemic to our society (school boards, workers boards, insurance industry, various sports, etc); however, in the current issue of the Journal, we have approached concussions from the perspective of a game close to our hearts. I watch the NFL every Sunday religiously – Monday and Thursday too, if possible. I am expecting my first son in the next few months and I am looking forward to introducing him to the sport I love.

It is unfair to be overly critical of the NFL when they have taken several positive steps to address concussions. The NFL is a powerful machine that has the ability, if it chooses, to play a major leadership role in the discussion surrounding concussions beyond football.

Although this message is focused on football – every athlete participating in a major sport is susceptible to concussions – hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. Will other professional leagues that devote less attention to this issue at this time be proactive?

Professional sport is a business. Children look up to professional athletes and develop their love for the game watching their favourite players. The ultimate solution requires a balance between the importance of health and safety and profitability. It is imperative that the leagues maintain fiscal responsibility to ensure the quality of the product remains high.

Would it make sense for the major sports leagues to work collaboratively in the scientific arena of concussions? The five major sports leagues could jointly develop a global concussion education and research program with the output reaching every child’s classroom. The shared infrastructure would lower overhead costs for the respective leagues. This solution provides compassion toward children and professional athletes while maintaining fiscal responsibility for shareholders – a win win.

I believe football and other sports will survive; however, it is imperative that the aforementioned issues be tackled head on… no pun intended.

Commissioners Goodell, Bettman, Silver, Manfred and Blatter, the time is now – each of you has the power to be instrumental in protecting the brains of children across the globe – what a legacy to leave!

Dr. Neilank Jha is a neurosurgeon and the head of Konkussion Inc- a concussion treatment program in Toronto. The full whitepaper, “Solving the Concussion Crisis: Practical Solutions”, can be viewed here.

For interview requests with Dr. Jha, please contact Jordan at Toronto PR Firm Grey Smoke Media.


Sports Betting Tip: Underdogs in the NFL

In the media coverage of the NFL, there is a great deal of emphasis on the best teams in the league. There is usually a debate about which of the top teams in the league have the best chance at reaching the Super Bowl. While it is only natural for the media focus to be centered around the elite squads in the NFL, the bettor must have an open mind when it comes to the 32 teams in the league. In some ways, the media hype surrounding the glamour teams in the NFL may actually help a savvy bettor.

nfl betting

NFL Betting Popularity

Because of the tremendous popularity of the NFL, sport betting sites see more action on this sport than others. In addition to the professional bettors, there are a lot of NFL fans that will wager on the games. Generally, most fans or casual bettors will wager on the favorite to cover a point spread. Because of these bets, many NFL lines will be shaded towards the favored team.

There are instances where it can be difficult for the oddsmaker to draw any action on an underdog. While it isn’t too hard to draw equal interest in a matchup between two squads that are both competitive, a mismatch on paper will draw some predictable bets. However, the fan’s logic of riding a favorite can be misguided in many ways. Favorites win more often than not in the NFL. In a typical NFL season, favorites will win straight up anywhere from 60-65 percent of the time. However, favorites aren’t any more likely to cover a point spread than an underdog over the course of a season.

Covered or Favorites : A Look at NFL Betting Strategies

In many recent seasons, underdogs have actually covered at a slightly higher rate than favorites. The general fan may rely too much on the past to anticipate future outcomes. As the new season has started, many casual sports bettors will assume that success or failure from a prior year will be repeated. Obviously, there are some franchises that are fairly consistent. In the last decade, the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts were Super Bowl contenders more often than not. Still, many other teams were more inconsistent.

Since 2001, many different NFC franchises have represented the conference in the Super Bowl. This parity indicates how difficult it can be to maintain a high level of play in the NFL. [Read more…]


How to Bet on Preseason NFL Football

The beginning of the 2015-16 NFL football season kicks off August 9th with the NFL Hall of Fame game. The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Minnesota Vikings in the Steel City. It sounds like an exciting game to wager on during the regular season, but betting on preseason games is a bit different. Here are a few tips to help you make the most educated wager:

Keep the Bet Small

It’s exciting to finally have American football back on television, but don’t be tempted to go crazy the first preseason game. It’s always important to understand how a preseason game works before you place a wager. After all, preseason is all about fine tuning each team’s action plan for the season.

NFL Preseason 2015 Bet

This means the starters usually play the 1st quarter and the 3rd quarter, and then the back-ups and 3rd stringers play the rest. It allows the players to build chemistry, get all the kinks out of the way, and it even helps decide who will be on the final 53-man roster. We recommend betting no more than 30% of what you would normally play.

The Offseason

This is where most of your research will come into play. Take for instance the Pittsburgh Steelers. Troy Polamalu retired, their defense has basically been overhauled with new talent, and their 1st string offense could be the best in the league this year. You won’t be seeing Big Ben playing for an extensive period of time, because he’s the centerpiece of their offense.

Then you have to take a look at the Minnesota Vikings. They dealt with Adrian Peterson’s antics the entire offseason, the franchise is sold on keeping Teddy Bridgewater as the mainstay quarterback, they acquired deep threat WR Mike Wallace, and said goodbye to several defensive players; including Jared Allen.

Expect to see WR Antonio Brown and WR Mike Wallace get a few chances downfield. If any of them connect, this could be a surprising “Over” line to wager. It’s surprising, because the first game of the preseason typically isn’t a high scoring affair. In fact, over the last 5 years; the average total points during was 31. In fact, the game that went over was the New York Giants vs. Miami Dolphins in 2013’s Hall of Fame game (44).

The Backup Players

One area you also need to research is the back players. This goes far deeper than the quarterbacks. Even though we would side with Shaun Hill who is probably one of the better back-ups in the league, the running backs and defense will be just as important. Don’t worry too much about the wide outs except for the first-stringers, because none of the back-ups will “really” make an impact. [Read more…]


It’s Time for The Super Bowl – Get Your Bets In!

The Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday, and it’s going to be between the Seahawks and the Patriots. Super Bowl ads are already being discussed, and people are already hitting the grocery store for all of the snacks necessary for the big game. It’s going to be a very long Sunday, and glory rests with the team that can truly pull ahead to the big win.

But what about the betting crowd? It’s time to get your bets in, and there are a few things that you might want to think about.

First and foremost, you want to see whether you’re going to bet on the favorite or not. There are so many different bets to choose from in the world of NFL betting, but the Super Bowl tends to cloud people’s judgment. Instead of looking at the numbers, they go immediately to “gut feelings” of who will win and who will lose. That’s a bad idea, on a wide variety of levels. Of course, if you don’t plan to have a lot of skin in the game, you can probably get away with just doing a few prop bets. But if you’re trying to think like a serious gambler, you need to think about as much data as possible to reap the rewards you deserve.

Super Bowl

One, betting on the favorite isn’t always a good idea. But looking at this year’s Super Bowl underdog yields some strong disadvantages. It can be summed up in one word: Deflategate. The fact that there is an ominous cloud of confusion, cheating, and misdirection around the Patriots means that they could be at a strong disadvantage in the actual Super Bowl. Morale is going to be a lot lower than it would be otherwise, giving you the opportunity to either bet on how much the Pats will lose by, or how much they will win by if they manage to do an upset.

Big money can ride on these games, making it very tempting to bet the farm on the outcomes. Be sure that you’re still not risking so much money on the Super Bowl that you cannot afford to replace later on. If you can stick to that rule, you’ll be better off than people that feel the need to throw everything they have on the “big game” so they can get the “big win” that they’ve been chasing all season. Do you know what real punters call people that do this?

Broke. 🙂

Be sure that you’re staying as strategic as possible on this game. Strip away the hype and what do you get? A football game, like any other football game. NFL guidelines will still have to be observed, even though the stakes on the game are so high. We will still have a winner and a loser. Life will go on after the Super bowl, and both teams will still make a lot of money in the long run. Make sure that when you sit down to make your bets before the game that you know not just who you’re going for, but why you’re going to put hard earned money on their outcome. That’s the difference between real betting and just throwing your money into the wind. Good luck!