Who’ll win the Premier League in 2015?

Once all the furore around the World Cup has settled down – we’ll have a few weeks off then it will be time for the new seasons again all across Europe’s big leagues. And amongst these leagues there are none more interesting or competitive than England’s Premier League. But who will win it next season?

Premier League

Well it would seem to be between five teams. As things stand, José Mourinho’s Chelsea are marginal favourites to win – just ahead of last year’s champions Man City. But there’s not much to choose between the two at somewhere around 2/1. Then there’s a bit of a gap to Man United who may be rejuvenated under new boss Louis van Gaal who is currently doing a great job steering Holland through the World Cup. United are 11/2.

Louis van Gaal

They’re followed in the betting by last year’s runners-up Liverpool at around 8-1 and Arsenal at around 9/1. This year, Liverpool will have a Champions League campaign which may prove enervating – something they didn’t have to deal with last year. But even more importantly, of course, the signs are that they may be losing the serial biter and star player Luis Suarez to Barcelona for what will, presumably, be an enormous fee.

Of the five – Arsenal seem to be the value bet. The Gunners led the league for a long time at the start of last season before running out of steam and finishing fourth. But they were absolutely beset by injury problems and had looked very strong until that occurred. What’s more – they enjoyed a long and arduous FA Cup run as well as the Champions League. And whilst Gunners fans were delighted to see them lift the FA Cup in May – they’d much prefer Premier League success, so that is surely where Arsene Wenger’s focus will be this season. It would be no great surprise to see Arsenal exit both cup competitions early on as they concentrate on league success; time will tell.


Otherwise a lot will depend on what Mourinho, van Gaal, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers and Man City’s Manuel Pellegrini do in the transfer market before the start of the season. Or maybe the new man at the helm at Spurs, Mauricio Pochettino will make a few moves of his own a spring a surprise? If his record at Southampton is anything to go by – he could well so that. Spurs are currently a whopping 50-1 with 32Red. And it may be that you can qualify for a free bet here. If you click here to visit 32Red online casino, you’ll soon see that you qualify for up to £160 free if you haven’t previously registered with the site. So if you’re lucky enough and retain the free cash or maybe even win a bit more – you could end up with a free bet on next year’s Premier League winner – but who will that be exactly!?


5 Tips For Better 2014 FIFA World Cup Wagers

Are you pumped up for the arrival of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament? If you aren’t excited now, think about this: the World Cup is one of the top sporting events of the summer, which means that everyone is going to be watching. Well, that’s only half right, you know. You see, football fans aren’t just going to be watching the action. They’re going to be making calls to bookmakers and placing bets on outcomes. There are so many different markets for this event that it’s going to be hard to keep up. The bottom line is this: there’s money to be made, if you wish to do so. Don’t waste another tournament year just watching the action, when you can take a tiny bit of the action pie for yourself. That tiny piece could end up being thousands if you make the right plays!

Here’s how to get things done. We’ll assume that you have a basic knowledge of the markets, and of online sports betting in general.

1. Know the Rules

It goes without saying that this is going to be a pretty big event. Millions of fans are going to be watching, and this represents a huge opportunity for all of the casinos and sportsbooks to offer some great odds. But remember, sportsbooks online are still businesses, and that means that they’re going to want to get some profit for themselves. Look up what circumstances have to take place for a bet to be marked void. Those circumstances could turn a surefire bet into a cancelled opportunity, which is the last thing that you want. While you’re refunded the money, it means that you also need to redirect it. Knowing ahead of time what events can trigger a bet to be made void can get you looking at alternate pathways of profit much faster than if you let yourself be surprised.

2014 FIFA World Cup

2. Shop Around for Odds

Why leave money on the table? Yes, there’s something to be said for loyalty in most areas of life. But the world of online sports betting isn’t one of those arenas. You want to shop around to make absolutely sure that you’re laying down the foundation for big profits here. A generous sportsbook that lets you make money knows ahead of time that there will be players that are sharks, but there will also be plenty of players that make trash bets too. Believe us, there’s plenty of opportunities for the sportsbook to profit without you giving up good odds for way too much margin. The word is getting out these days: too much margin means that you’re going to have to break a sweat just to eke out a tiny bit of profit for yourself. But you won’t find that advertised anywhere, of course.

3. Study Teams of Interest

Remember that this is a tournament. It’s going to run from June 14th to July 26th. That’s plenty of time for you to look at different teams that are of interest, right? The key point we’re trying to make is that you don’t want to just bet from the gut. You want to have a clear plan for success if you’re really serious about getting things done. Big money doesn’t come from following the crowd; big money comes from having a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses that all of your teams of interest are going to bring to the table.

4. Rebet Smartly

Exactly what the consideration means: don’t just rebet because people are chattering. Look at the statistics, the numbers, and the glorious data around betting. Then make your decision. You’ll have a better series of results; we (almost) guarantee it!

5. Get Creative!

There are plenty of markets just within outright betting alone. The World Cup is going to bring some awesome opportunities for creative bets. You don’t have to do anything outside of your comfort zone if you don’t want to. But here’s a few interesting markets that we think you should watch closely:

Top North American Team
Top South American Team
Team to Receive Fastest Yellow Card
Top 3 Final

These tips should serve you well in the tournament. Don’t forget one thing: go bold. Make mistakes. These tips won’t stop you from every single error, but they can make it so that the game is much more enjoyable for you. Being profitable is a lot of work over time, but it’s worth it as long as you’re willing to put in the effort. Good luck out there!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic at his best

I am used to see great goals from this man and he has not disappointed me tonight as well. He scored two goals against Leverkusen and his second goal was a real beauty.


World Cup Group D Preview

With the World Cup fast approaching it’s time to look at the groups and Group D could hold one or two of the sides who can go a long way in Brazil. Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy comprise a testing group that will see one of the bigger sides drop out at the group stage.



Despite being two-time winners, Uruguay don’t often pop up on lists of genuine World Cup challengers but that is something that could change this year. With the likes of Diego Forlan, Martin Caceres, Fernando Muslera and Luis Suarez making up the nucleus of the side the future looks bright this summer.

Add to the mix Paris Saint-Germain’s Edinson Cavani and starlets Gaston Ramirez and Abel Hernandez and it becomes clear that Uruguay have a side able to challenge the best.

At 28-1 with Coral, the Copa America champions could be one of the surprise packages of the 2014 World Cup.


Hope springs eternal. That much is true when it comes to England and the World Cup.

It has been 48 years since Bobby Moore hoisted the Jules Rimet trophy aloft at the Old Wembley, yet every four years since England has dared to believe that “this could be the year the drought ends”.


Unfortunately for England it hasn’t quite clicked since 1966, with 1990’s semi-final appearance their best showing since.

However, boss Roy Hodgson does have a now tight-knit group featuring the credible class of Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard alongside the youthful exuberance of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Daniel Sturridge.

It is not inconceivable for the 28-1 shots to surprise a few people this summer.


Italy often perform best at a World Cup when the world is against them. In 1982 it was a betting scandal, in 2006 it was a match-fixing scandal.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is little scandal surrounding this Italian team at the moment, but even more worringly there isn’t a lot of world class either.

As usual the Italian defence will prove a difficult obstacle to pass – the experience of Giorgio Chiellini and Gianluigi Buffon will see to that – but it’s getting goals that will cause Cesare Prandelli’s team most problems

Mario Balotelli, if chosen, is hit and miss on the big stage, but if he does fire in Brazil then Italy might have half a chance of out-performing their big odds of 25-1.

Costa Rica

The 1000-1 priced odds that Coral have given Costa Rica pretty much tells the story of what is expected in June.


With PSV Eindhoven’s Bryan Ruiz and Arsenal starlet Joel Campbell leading the line, Costa Rica may prove difficult to contain in an attacking sense.

However, it will be an almighty shock if the CONCACAF side are able to match their previous best result of reaching the last 16 when they have been placed in such a tough group.


Why you should not fake an injury

Ajaccio’s striker Gadji Tallo thought that it was a great idea to fake an injury until the coach felt compelled to sub him. His reaction was priceless 🙂


New Maradona?

Otoniel Salinas isn´t a well-known name for most football supporters but this goal will be remembered by many…


A Defence of Arsene Wenger

For those of you who didn’t see the bust up at Arsenal’s recent FA Cup win against Brighton, it may come as a surprise to hear that all is not well at Arsenal Football Club. There has been a rift growing amongst arsenal fans about their manager with many feeling it is time for him to be shown the door.

Arsene Wenger has been one of the most successful managers in Arsenal’s history but lately many Arsenal Fans are itching for change. They say he has not spent any money, not won enough trophy’s and is tactically inept. While there are still a vast number of Wenger supporters out there the “Wenger out” movement is growing.

For the most part the movement is comprised of younger fans who can’t remember a time when Arsenal weren’t top of the pile in the premiership; there is even talk that Arsenal should revert to George Graham style football.

The biggest bone of contention has been the failure to hang on to players over successive January transfer windows. Usually mentioned are Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and of course Robin Van Persie. So let’s talk about each of these in turn.

Arsene Wenger

Let’s start with Nasri as it is definitely the most ridiculous: Samir had 4 good months for Arsenal, after he got left of the French squad he went and trained hard and started to score goals. That lasted until January when he started to wane. That summer Manchester City offered £25 million for him, an absolute steal Arsene bit their hand off. Anyone who thinks he was wrong to do so has no understanding of football whatsoever. If City could offload Nasri for half of it today they would, he is an also ran barely getting in the City team.

Alex Song is my favourite piece of Wenger business of all time. He is an average midfielder, not bad, not great but Wenger managed to convince Song he was so good he could play for Barcelona. Then he managed to convince Barcelona that they wanted him, simply hilarious. Song was never that good, until his last year most arsenal fans would have been delighted to see him go but once he’s sold; It’s another stick to beat Wenger with.

Fabregas, the one that got away, Wenger loved him, Arsenal Fans loved him, He loved Arsenal Fans… well not really then did he? Nope he loved money and Sunshine; can’t blame him for wanting to go home but can also hardly blame Wenger.

RVP- well what can you say about Robin? He wanted to go to a title winning team and he has. Wenger nurtured Robin through all the injuries, the Rape accusations and several on and off field behaviour problems. In return Robin refused to sign a contract and put Wenger in an awkward position. So what could he do? Start a bidding war between the two big boys in Manchester, and that he did. By no means a win but £24m for an injury prone 30 year old can hardly be seen as a loss either.

Wenger is by no means perfect but he is one of the best managers in Europe and should the so called “Fans” who are calling for his head succeed he will be snapped up by one of Europes elite in days. The feeding frenzy for Guardiola’s signature will look like a sideshow if Wenger is allowed to become a free agent.

People who know football know that the man who managed to stay in Europe while the club built Ashburton Grove and took Arsenal from a club the size of Everton or Tottenham to the European elite deserves respect.