Soccer Movies Based on True Stories

Soccer is one of the most-watched sports in the world, with more than 4 billion fans. The sport is known to have the most prosperous athletes in the world. Just like real money online pokies australia being depicted in movies several soccer movies are based on true stories and characterize some of the well-known football players in the world. Watching soccer movies is like putting a cherry on top of the cake for soccer fans.


Messi is currently in the top 5 list of the most popular and prosperous soccer players in the world. Whether you are into soccer or not you are bound to know Messi through his huge popularity on every social media platform. The movie Messi shows us how the star started from the bottom to be the football star he is today. In short, the 90 minutes movie gives the world a show of what’s needed to become a soccer superstar. [Read more…]


The English Gaffer – A Dying Breed?

An English Manager has remarkably never guided his team to a first place finish in the Premier League. Are we likely to see that change any time soon? I personally doubt it.

As we speak, the division has eight English managers. Apart from Dean Smith at Aston Villa in ninth, the rest are all in the bottom half. In fact, the bottom six all have English managers.

Foreigners are Safer

Granted, no Englishman is currently at a team expected to be fighting for glory but let’s not forget the job Frank Lampard did. After an impressive first campaign at Stamford Bridge, the club rewarded him with the signings needed to push on. Despite bringing in Thiago Silva, Chilwell, Havertz, Ziyech and Werner, he failed miserably. Since Tuchel signed with the Blues, the difference has been clear for all to see. Emphasizing my point, that a foreign manager is the safer bet and one most tipsters recommended in their premier league tips.

Sean Dyche – The Best Left?

To be a manager of a team fighting for glory, it needs to be earned on merit. I fail to see any candidates that deserve that opportunity. Sean Dyche has definitely proven himself over the years and should be given the chance at a more prestigious and ambitious club than Burnley but I think the next step should be a team of Everton’s level. [Read more…]


Weird Soccer Rules

We all know that rules are important in all we do. Be it when we play online casino games (visit online casino like bestusaonlinecasinos to learn about the rules) or in the soccer field, rules are rules and they have to be followed. However, there are some rules that have so many shocked and even second guessing the validity of those rules. These are what we call weird rules. There are also those that are so sweet when they are in your favor but they taste so bitter when they are against you. Anyways, today, we will look at some weird soccer rules.

Strange But True Soccer Rules

You Can Be Sent Off the Field Before Gameplay

Sounds odd, we know, but it is very much possible. Players can be sent off the field even before the game starts. The reason for this is usually verbal and physical, abuse. If you say something nasty in the locker rooms before the match in the pre-match warm up the official can decide to kick you off the match before the game starts.  [Read more…]


The Manchester United Logo

Each time has a logo that has a story behind it. This is because the logo is the teams own way of showing people who they really are. Each logo is carefully crafted as all the symbols on it each have a special meaning. On that note, we shall take a few minutes to discuss the Manchester United logo and the hidden secrets that come with it.

The fist Man United logo

Manchester United is a well-known team today. As a result it has thousands of fans that rally behind them each and every year. Come rain, come sunshine and even the hail, once a Man United fan. Always a Man Untied fan. Each of these fans is so loyal, such that they will even go to the risks of betting real money on the team at online sports betting sites. This is just like those who bet real money on online casino games. [Read more…]


The Rise and Fall of Football Franchises

The Paddy Power games site allows gaming enthusiasts to gamble on popular casino games, such as roulette or slot machines. However, the more ‘hardcore’ gamers tend to play all sorts of games on gaming consoles. In the past 30 years there have been thousands of games and franchises which have been released, but very few have managed to ‘survive’ for more than a few years.

One of the longest videogame franchises that is still going strong is FIFA. Since the release of the first game in 1993, FIFA has grown into the most iconic videogame series of all time and also one of the most successful.

Although FIFA is currently the biggest football videogame franchise, there have been a few others over the past 30 years that are strong contenders for the top spot.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic football videogame franchises of all time – not just FIFA!

Kick Off

Kick Off is one of the earliest football simulation game franchises, with their first game ‘Kick Off’ being published in 1989. For the first time, players were able to play the match from a top-down view of a football pitch. [Read more…]


Pick your secondary team in the WC

There’s no denying the big teams at the World Cup this year. Out of the whopping 79 teams that have made it to the World Cup over its long history, only 8 teams have ever won it! However this year’s exciting yet controversial event in Russia is set to break some new ground, with underdog nations Panama and Iceland making their debut at the World Cup. Iceland themselves are setting a new record as the smallest nation to ever play at the tournament! To help you make the most of this year’s event, this quiz put together by Betfair World Cup odds gives you your second team to pick, just in case your guarantee isn’t such a sure bet! Let us know what team you landed on, and most importantly, if they won!

Good luck!


Manchester United vs Arsenal

Although neither Manchester United nor Arsenal have much left to play for in the Premier League, expect not a single inch to be given in what is the last act of one of the greatest managerial rivalries of the modern day.

In the large scheme of things, this game is perhaps nothing but a dead rubber. Manchester City have already won the league title, so Manchester United have nothing but a 2nd-place finish over bitter rivals Liverpool to contend for. On the other hand, Arsenal’s hopes of finishing in the top 4 are all but over – they will have their eyes on the Europa League as their route to the Champions League. However, when Man Utd take on Arsenal, the stakes are always high – and if this fixture needed a fresh lease of life, it has been accorded just that, in light of Arsene Wenger’s decision to step down at the end of this season.

Man Utd will go into this game as heavy favourites – 8/17 on Betfair Premier League odds. They are certainly the side that can afford to take this fixture more seriously. Man Utd’s potential FA Cup final is after the end of the league season. For Arsenal, this fixture is sandwiched between two crucial Europa League semi-final ties against Spanish giants Atletico Madrid. Arsenal would need nothing short of a miracle to finish in the top 4, according to Betfair Premier League Predictions, With that in mind, Wenger could opt to rest key players for this clash, but don’t expect Jose Mourinho to show similar nicety towards his arch-nemesis as they clash for the final time. [Read more…]