Why Yes, You Can Get Into the World of Golf Betting

It’s not just about Tiger Woods anymore — golf betting has turned into a pretty serious thing. If you’re a fan of golf and you have a thing for following all of the hot golf news, then you can definitely turn a very nice profit. It’s going to be up to you to figure things out, of course. You want to look at all of the different golf markets that could be profitable for you. We’re all about profit, and it’s possible to get great profit. Just check out this guide first 🙂

Moving on!

The first type of golf bet that might interest you is the European Order of Merit. This is a lengthy bet, as your money can be tied up for up to a year. Choose your bets wisely if you’re going to do this, and make sure that you’re betting with money that you can afford to lose for a little while.

There’s also group betting, which isn’t as long term as those European Order of Merit bets. This is all about betting on which player out of a group will perform the best during a tournament. Let’s say that you have Tiger Woods in a group of other players. If you back Woods and he beats the other four players in the group, then your bet wins — but if any of them beat him, the bet is a loser.

You have the outright betting, which is figuring out what player will win the tournament. It’s not the best bet in the world, but it can be interesting.

You have top 5 finish betting, which is exactly what it says it is.

Golf Betting

There’s the US PGA Money List, which is another long term bet — it can have your money tied up for as long as a year! This is about which golfer will top the US PGA Money List at the end of the golfing season.

You have some spread betting opportunities in golf markets. If you missed our guide on spread betting, go check it out.

Overall, there’s plenty of different ways to make profits in golf betting. These are just a few popular bets, but there are some really interesting ones out there. Check them out today at a good online sportsbook. Might we recommend a few for you? 🙂


Understanding the Bookmaker’s Role

We like to see bookmakers as the enemy, always waiting to trip us when we least expect it. However, is that really the most accurate description of the bookmaker? Not at all. You will need to understand how the bookie really works before you get too far into sports betting.

Bookmakers used to be known as turf accountants. What they really do is take money on a wide variety of different outcomes for a big event (like a horse race or a big football match). The turf accountant’s goal is then to balance the book so that a profit is made no matter what the outcome of the actual event is. They will attempt to give you odds that are less than the real chances of an event taking place.

This makes their books over-round — the odds add up to more than 100%.


Bookmakers use odds to their advantage. If you have an event that has a 50/50 outcome, you’re not going to get 100% of the money. You might have 4/5 odds, which would give you a 90 GBP payout on a 100 GBP bet. This means that the bookie just pocketed 10 GBP from you. Now imagine if these numbers were scaled out, as plenty of people play the big games. You could find plenty of action and plenty of bookmakers getting a piece of the action.

Yet we do need bookmakers to manage all of those bets. We think that what the bookie takes out is more than fair to give us a safe place to handle all of the action. Online bookmakers take this to the next level. It becomes a social thing, something that can easily be used to connect us. Why would you skip out on that, if you didn’t have to? Why not check it out for yourself as soon as you can?

After all, it goes without saying that not all bookmakers are going to offer you the same odds. If you want to know where you should play, check out sportsbook reviews from real players. They’re going to let you know where the fast action is and the support lives, so that you can make the best decision possible. Go from there, and see where that takes you.



Break Into the World of Tennis Betting Without Losing Your Head!

Tennis betting is fun — especially if you’re a real fan of the game. Betting on matches can actually earn you some good money. This isn’t just the case for big events like Wimbledon — if you’re going to bet on any tennis matches, you can do things to increase your chances of turning a profit. Yet a lot of people don’t talk about tennis betting as much as they do hockey betting or football betting. That’s where we come in.

Let’s cover the different tennis markets first.

One of the most popular types of tennis betting would have to be outright betting. This is where you are betting on the winner of the entire tournament. You can bet on women’s tournaments, as well as men’s tournaments. Most sportsbooks will let you have each way betting, giving you a third of the odds on the place part of the bet as long as your pick finishes first or second.

There’s match betting, where you actually bet on who will win each individual match in a tournament. Since there are only two possible outcomes in each match, the odds are likely to be pretty short for the favorites. Most bettors put four or five players in an accumulator each round, mixing up men’s and women’s matches. That’s perfectly okay, and there are no restrictions on that.

Tennis Betting

Before you place a tennis match bet, you want to look at form. You’ll hear people talk about form a lot, and this is definitely a good thing. Form determines a lot of things within a tennis match. You need to make absolutely sure that you’re considering all of your angles rather than just going with whatever looks appealing. Look at the past matches between the players. Figure out how hard their most recent matches were, as well as any recent injuries. The surface played matters as well. Some players do better on clay, while others excel on grass.

To win the 1st set is another popular bet — it’s betting on which player is really going to win the first set. The favorite for the match is often the favorite for the first set. You can make money going against the trend in many cases, as long as you’ve looked at some data.

The most common surfaces out there are grass, clay, and “hard court”. Hard court is considered to be the most equal course, but some players actually dislike it. Wimbledon is a Grand Slam Event played on grass, while the French Open is played on clay. The Australian Open and the US open are both played on hard courts.

Getting into tennis betting is definitely a good thing. Why not check it out today, while it’s on your mind? You can find good tennis action at most online sportsbooks. Good luck!


Do Parlays and Teasers Really Make Sense for Your Betting Plan?

If you’re going to get into sports betting, you’ll definitely find yourself amongst a very opinionated group. Just about every punter has their own idea of the way betting should be, and they will go for just about any type of bet that they feel will help them make money.

In the world of basketball betting, you have a pair of exotic bets that you will eventually hear someone talk about. They are parlays and teasers.

Both of these bets require you to correctly figure out the winners of two or more games. When it comes to the parlay bet, you have the options of betting against the point spread of using the money line. Teasers, on the other hand, are made using the point spread and you can adjust the point spread in your favor.

Sounds good, right? No trouble, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. You see, both of these bets require that ALL of your teams must win. If just one game is lost, then the entire wager is a loss. That’s a tough pill to swallow when you’re so close to victory.

Betting Plan

The reason why a lot of people like these bets is that they can be very profitable if you win. Sportsbooks know how tough it is to correctly predict them, which means that if you do happen to catch the wind just right, you could rack up a really big win. However, if you lose — then the sportsbook is making their profit quite nicely. Of course, since they’re in it for the profit, you can bet that they like when bettors go for this type of wager.

There’s some people who can make parlays and teasers work for them. If you think that you’re that person, then we invite you to read more about these exotic bets so that you can figure out what’s going to be right for you. Why not check it out today, while it’s still on your mind? Good luck!


Sportsbook Play Has Become More Popular Than Ever

Are you thinking about sportsbooks? If you aren’t right now, you definitely should think about the chance to really play good sports betting games There’s nothing like resting after a long hard day at work and finding that you really can have a good time. It’s finding that you can enjoy yourself in two very important ways. You can have fun while staying at home. With the rising cost of transportation, it goes without saying that this is the perfect way to really make sure that you have a great time without blowing through your entire monthly budget.

Sports betting isn’t something that’s new — it’s been around for a long time. What the online sportsbook has done is given you a convenient central location to get the job done. You can explore player profiles, download data, hang out with people just as crazy about sports as you…and oh yeah – you can make real money from it.

Sportsbook Play

Sports betting isn’t complicated, but you aren’t going to have to have some knowledge ahead of time. Just guessing may win you some money here and there, but the real money is in having as much information as possible. Getting sports betting picks for your favorite sports can make a difference as well. These are just predictions, but they’re made by skilled people. You just never know until you play for yourself.

Did we mention that this is a secure process? The sportsbook online are heavily regulated, which means that you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your sensitive financial information. Careful steps have been taken to make sure that this doesn’t happen. In fact, a breach would be a major problem for the online sportsbook to have to fix. They could end up losing their license if too many security breaches happen. That’s why it’s better to just never make it happen in the first place.

You have plenty of friends that are waiting for you at the online sportsbook. These are going to be fellow sports fans that won’t mind watching the games live with you. Most sportsbooks will broadcast popular match ups to give bettors more time to spend on the site. You can have a specific time to place your bets, but you have to naturally do it before the game starts. Why not check it out today, while it’s on your mind? You can even earn a good welcome bonus which puts more money into your hands for the bets you’re going to make!


Winning Streaks: Betting and Responsibility

It is a known fact that with betting people run the risk of developing a habitual problem. This does not necessarily mean that you should give up on enjoying life and playing. Besides being particularly vulnerable to this hazard, you can conveniently learn the inns and outs of betting either online or at a land base casino, study casino games rules, odds, betting systems and more. This will not help you deal with the real risk of gambling and online betting. What should rather concern you is problem gambling, which 5% of international gamblers develop. Most players stick to this notion that only certain groups are gullible to this risk, but problem gambling occurs irrespective of age or belief.

Gambling Problem

The truth about gambling problems is that, you can avoid them if you start taking the game seriously and with responsibility. Responsible gambling can prevent cases of a betting addiction. The basic principle of avoiding the hazards is being disciplined and sportingly aware of the pitfalls. The trick lurks in trying to identify the fine line between betting for fun and gambling for accomplishing a need. You can prevent crossing the line by basic principles.

A lot of institutions research on betting problems and teach players responsible gambling. For example The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) provides much information about the subject. The NCRG has donated millions of dollars to the study of pathological gambling, and of late, on preventing cases of addiction. Here are some of the rules:


Time is precious, so don’t waste it on gambling time and again. If you are focusing on a bet, devote a certain portion of your time to it, and don’t stray from your limit. If you choose to gamble, allocate a few hours for it per day, say an hour a day if you bet online and 4 if you are at a land based casino. This helps you remain rooted to your purpose.

Lucky Dice

Stay Active

Don’t get sucked into the game. Casino games are widely known to hypnotize the gamblers, and the more you play consecutively, the less you feel the damage. Take a break from your game, sip a drink, watch TV, stroll through the halls, or enjoy an entertainment site online. Breaks help you a lot.

Take a Break

Beat the addictive nature of betting, though without its addiction, it would have never gained the popularity it enjoys today. This doesn’t mean for you to make gaming your major pastime activity: balance it by adopting other activities. Take a break from gambling by pursuing a different hobby.

Manage the Money

Be careful with your money, manage it well. At the very outset, set yourself a monetary limit, know how much you can afford to lose. Once you lose, go back home. Never use the “living money” or the funds meant for paying the bills, buying food, paying taxes etc. The gambling money is your entertainment budget – don’t exploit it.

Gamble in High Spirits!

Betting is legitimate entertainment, and even if it is meant for relaxing, do not gamble when you are stressed out or depressed. Gambling is only a temporary escape.

With the help of the above suggestions, be a responsible bettor and if you still have problems, consult a friend or a specialist, who can determine if you are suffering from gambling addiction.


Hooray for Free Bets!

If you’re a new gambler to the world of sports betting, you are in the best place possible. Indeed, sports betting is truly its own hobby, with plenty of people weighing in on what it really takes to profit. You might win some, you might lose some, but the whole point is to have a good time. There’s no point in feeling down and ready to just give up, you know. You’re a lot better off making sure that you can do anything that you put your mind to. That’s why we wanted to give you little pieces of advice along the way to help you out.

One piece of advice is pretty straight forward: take advantage of all of those lovely free bets that are waiting for you if you visit This is something that can really pay off in the long run for you. You see, betting sites know that they need to get people in the door. They will do anything to get you to check them out and give them a fair shake. Enter the free bet — a sum of money that the bookmaker will give you to wager on a chosen market. If you lose, it doesn’t cost you anything. You get the rush of betting with free money. On the other hand, if you win you will get the profit from the win.

Free Bets

There’s plenty of chances to do well with free bets. After all, there’s usually very few restrictions to be had when it comes to this type of thing. The sportsbook might require that you have to bet on an outcome above a certain price, or on events where there are more than just one or two outcomes. You might be restricted to a particular sport. It’s really all about the sportsbook in question. You’ll find that different promotions run at different times and at different sportsbooks. Therefore, it’s up to you to extract maximum value from the free betting game.

There’s a few different types of free bets that you need to be aware of:

The most common free bet is the free match bet — if you bet say, 25 GBP — you’ll get 25 GBP. You have to open the account, fund it, then the bookmaker will match the money with a free bet token. There is usually a min and max limit on the value of the bet, though. Read the fine print before you go and you should be fine.

Another bet that you’ll see very often is the series of free bets. This is often represented as: bet 30GBP, get 3x 10 GBP bets. This is like the match bet, but the free money is split into several bets. You might have to place a 30 GBP bet and then have your account credited with the three 10 GBP bets. This is designed to encourage you to come back as much as possible.

There’s the free bet basket, where you get your first bet matched with more free bets based on the series of bets that you place. This can really be a big money maker if you play it the right way.

There’s also the percentage bonus, which is where you get a % of your deposit money up to a certain amount.

There’s also the full out deposit bonus, which is a match against your amount up to a certain limit.

There’s a lot of other sites that post free betting information that’s exclusive to that site. This is because they’ve worked out separate terms with the bookmaker. So keep your eye out for good deals anywhere that you can find them. Good luck!