Add Some Fun to Your NFL Betting with Season Wins

Season betting is something that’s always been around, but more punters are taking notice of it. As the name implies, they give you the power to take a stand on the number of games a team will win throughout the season. Keep in mind that these are regular season wins, rather than preseason or playoffs. It covers a much narrower window than you might imagine.

Those that love season bets tell us that there’s value in them because they are heavily influenced by market sentiment. People bet with their emotions rather than win numbers and logic. So if you’re a numbers/logic punter, then you have the upper hand. If you have a team that has a strong brand name and reputation, they’re actually weaker than the underdog teams. Good teams are made up of players that do a fantastic job of getting things done, but those players can be traded to other teams. With free agency, players don’t even have to wait on trades anymore. They can do the trading themselves, moving to where they feel the grass is greenest. If a team can’t afford a player, they will move on. So your good team can turn sour, if it’s riding on the wave of one or two key players.

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One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the season wins wager is to get terrible teams that were awful last season and see if they’ve done any shopping of their own. This is the first line defense for a bad team that has a bit of money to spend. They will spend it getting players that they feel have the most value in raising the team’s profile and hopefully, their winning records as well.

Don’t get too tied up into season wagering. It’s supposed to be the type of bet that you do with your friends in order to tease each other for the rest of the season. Every “W” in your camp makes you feel good, and every “W” in their camp gives them something to tease you about. Good friendly bets are part of the camaraderie found in NFL betting, but you have to play in order to win!