3 rules that could shake up world football

In the FIFA headquarters, we would like to image a bunch of passionate football experts conjuring up  ideas for the next technological innovation or footballing law that could improve the game and take it to the next level. However, as we know, FIFA is basically just a bunch of corrupt dogs who do nothing but take money from large corporations. So, what could happen if the people were in charge? What if it was up to us to think of some new ideas to challenge the current game? Here are a few ideas to think about – what do you think?

Bonus points for goal margin

The idea of awarding teams extra point for outscoring their opponents has often been discussed amongst fans. There are many games where a team would rather sit back, park the bus and take the draw and this can make football interesting, however it’s very frustrating and often boring. In terms of entertainment purposes this would increase the number of teams willing to go towards goal and grab as many as they can and will encourage lesser teams to pick up points this way. However, the ruling would be a very drastic introduction into football that a lot of people would oppose.

Sin bin sanctions

Like in Rugby, players who commit fouls with less severity are punished by being sent to the side-lines for an indicated amount of time. This could help the game by avoiding players being sent off for the whole game for picking up petty cards. This would still give teams the advantage of being a man up but for only a designated amount of time. This could evolve football strategy and tactics as managers must plan for situations where the his or the opposing may be 1, 2 or 3 men down. This would also encourage better behaviour as currently receiving a yellow card has minimal effect on a player if they don’t pick up another.

Only captains can speak to refs

Whilst this is a ruling that should be in effect anyway we are constantly faced with teams that surround the referee in an abrupt and aggressive manager which must have some sort of effect on referee’s during the game. Not only this but in football, players have very little respect for the referee’s. If captains are only allowed to speak to the referee and any other player approaching the referee at all is booked, then this may clear up some of the hostile instances we get with players surrounding referee’s. A game in which the referee is far more respected will result in a much fairer game where the referee does not feel undermined and feels like they can decide on decisions without any pressure.